All you need to know about Muscadine Wine

Muscadine is a semi-sweet wine made from native South Eastern USA grapes. The grapes have been used in winemaking from as far as the 16th century and thrive in warm, humid climates – a climate condition that does not support other types of grapes. This toughness seen in the fruit is largely due to its thick skin, which not only makes it thrive in such hardy conditions but also makes it resistant to many diseases that affect other grapefruits. This skin also makes them hard to chew, and in order to get to the flesh, you will need to puncture the skin and suck out the flesh.

When ripe, the Muscadine grape will reach the size of a golf ball. This large size means they can only and conveniently be harvested by the hands. Their large yield is not only about the size of the fruit; unlike other grapes whose vines hold 10 pounds of fruit, the Muscadine grape vine carries 100 pounds of fruit per vine. The grapes vary in color, with many ranging from green to black and can in extent produce both white and red wine. While there are dry Muscadine wines, it mostly tends to the sweeter side. 

Not getting better with Age

Muscadine wine is aromatic and has an intense flavor of banana, lime, and cranberry. It does not get better with age, and we encourage that once the purchase is made, to drink it within the year. This is due to the high oxidation that it goes through and makes it turn brown. Serve sweet white wine at 45F and dry whites and red at 50F. Serve chilled.

Widely known for its high levels of antioxidants, and in particular, resveratrol, Muscadine wine is a healthy drink. These two have been shown to promote heart and brain health and suppress the growth of cancer cells. The wine also contains ellagic acid – this is only found in Muscadine – an antioxidant that has a lot of benefits.

While you will find Muscadine wine in a lot of shops and online stores, these are some of the best retailers in the US:

Stonehaus winery

Located in Tennessee, Stonehaus winery makes traditional, fun, and interesting wines and has Muscadine in their catalog. You can make a Muscadine or Red Muscadine bottle purchase from their site at less than $15.

Duplin Winery

This winery is located in North and South Carolina ad specializes in sweet Muscadine wine. They have a wide wine variety, including sparkling, reds, alcohol-free wine, and others with bottles going for less than $20. You can make a purchase directly from their site.

San Sebastian winery

San Sebastian, located in Florida, is famous for its traditional and Muscadine wines. They have amazingly cheap Muscadine wines with Rosa retailing at $9 a bottle, and that’s just one.

Lakeridge winery

This Tennessee winery makes Muscadine and other fun and interesting traditional wines. They have semi-dry to sweet Muscadine wines, including Chablis, southern red, and others with a bottle going for less than $12. Head on to their website to buy a bottle of your choice.


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