All You Need to Know Before Buying a Wood Heater

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Winter brings a delightful time in which people can regale in the warmth of their cosy interiors. When the colder months arrive, everyone dreams about snuggling in their living rooms, sitting in front of a fireplace. But as gas and electricity prices go up every year, people are fast turning to wood fire as an economical alternative. That being said, freestanding woodfire heaters, having a radiant heating style, are perfect for open spaces. They also act as a renewable and sustainable energy source. But purchasing one is undoubtedly a significant investment. So, here’s a helpful guide to help you acquire more knowledge about wood heaters.

Select One That Complements Your Décor

 A wood heater often becomes a significant part of your interiors. Therefore, you need to choose one that complements your existing décor properly. So, assess whether you want a heater with a functional and modern look or one characterised by its minimalist style. Nevertheless, today, you have the option of exploring numerous design styles, like traditional, mainstream, sleek, and rustic.

Inbuilt or Freestanding Wood Heating Devices?

The inbuilt style heaters enable you to enjoy a sufficiently warm room. It is also an energy-efficient replacement for a brick fireplace. On the other hand, if you want a built-in fireplace but don’t already possess a brick fireplace in your home, you can go in for a zero-clearance heater. This type of heater imparts you the flexibility to position your heater so that it becomes the centrepiece of your room. At the same time, it enhances airflow and heat distribution.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a fireplace, you can consider freestanding woodfire heaters. They can efficiently heat any medium to large-sized room, and their design complements contemporary décor. Moreover, these types of heaters effortlessly create a focal point for your interiors with little to no structural work in their installation.

Identify the Layout and Space of Your Home

Knowing about the layout and space of your home can enable you to zero in on the type of heating device and ideal heat coverage. For instance, you don’t need a large heating device if you live in a well-insulated home. So, you need to decide between convection heaters, radiant heaters, and wood pellet heaters.

Convection Wood Heaters

They have an air cavity between the external surface and the firebox. And as the wood burns, the air present in the cavity warms up and rises. A good quality convection heater produces more than three cubic meters of warm air every minute. They thus become suitable for rooms of varied sizes.

Radiant Wood Heaters

In this, all sides of the firebox are exposed, and it allows the device to radiate heat at a much more stable pace. They are good for warming homes with high ceilings.

Wood Pellet Heaters

Are you someone who desires to bask in the heat without getting up to split and stack wood? So, if you live in a medium-sized room, then you should certainly consider this choice. Wood pellet heaters are energy-efficient and environmental-friendly options that produce heat at a stable rate. Moreover, the pellets that get burned in this style of the heating device are made of recycled sawdust.

It’s only after gaining clarity over the ideal heater should you buy it and begin with the installation process. That being said, wood heaters should be installed by adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines and your regional building regulations. So, buy one while keeping in mind your requirements and the layout of your home.

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