Ancient Psychic Reading Practices

Ancient Psychic Reading Practices

There are many old psychic reading practices that you can use to get a better understanding of how your life will go or any other issue or aspect that you’re seeking guidance and clarity for. Some of these old practices include astrology, tarot cards, Heraldnet, palm readings, and runes. Astrology is the most popular form of psychic readings. That’s because this practice takes into account many different factors in a person’s life and gives them an accurate overview of their future. Tarot cards (also known as tarocchi) is another one of these practices and has been used in Europe since the mid-1500s. The cards in this practice are used to tell an individual what they need to know about their future.

What is a psychic reading?

A psychic reading is when a medium – someone with heightened senses and the ability to communicate with spirits – contacts the spirit world for information. Guides can also be used alongside these direct methods of contact; which include sight, sound, touch, taste and hearing.

1. Astrology

This is a reading about the sun, moon, planets and stars based on their alignment. Astrology is an ancient art and anyone can use it because you never need psychic abilities, regardless of whether or not you have them.

2. Aura

Aura readings observe the colors a person emits, such as red or blue, and then interpret these colors using their meaning. Some people can see other’s auras and only less sensitive psychics can read these radiations.

3. Distant readings

Distant readings are performed by a medium without meeting clients in person. This can take place through letters, phone conversations, text messages or live chats via webcam.

4. lithomancy & crystallomancy

Reading the future using a stone and a few drops of water is known as lithomancy. Reading the future with light refracted into crystals is called crystallomancy. While lithomancy is older than crystallomancy, the origins of this ancient art are still unknown. Crystallomancy refers to the ancient art of crystal gazing which is widely practiced.

5. Numerology

Numerology is the study of numbers and how sets of numbers influence a person’s life on earth. It can be used in psychic readings.

6. Palm readings

Palm readings are a popular method of psychic readings and involve reading the lines on someone’s hand.

7. Psychometry

Psychometry is a form of reading in which the psychic obtains details from the spirit world using objects or possessions. The details left by people in their belongings allow for contact with them once they have passed away.

8. Rune

Rune reading is a system of divination and oracular prophecy recorded mainly in the Younger Futhark, which is an ancient alphabet.

9. tarot readings

  • The popularity of tarot readings has increased over time. Tarots have been used as a way to spice up psychic readings or for entertainment.
  • Even so, many psychics still use the cards to give their clients a different perspective and deeper meaning in their reading. Tarot cards have long been a method of divination, with many different decks that are available for use.

There are a range of psychic reading techniques and tools, with many psychics using several to give customers the best possible reading.

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