Another Documentary On Kurt Cobain Coming Out June 11

A new trailer has been released for an upcoming film about the head singer and guitarist of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Many people know by now about the documentary that was officially played on HBO on May 4th called “Montage of Heck” and now this upcoming feature surrounding the events of his death will be called “Soaked In Bleach.” According to an article found on Reddit and written by Video on Demand, the film is set to hit the stores and re-purchase stores .

For just over two decades now people like Paul Mathieson have been wondering what the true facts are about Cobain’s death. While police ruled it to be a suicide, many fans out there believe that this was not the case, but that someone had harmed him. This new documentary will show everything that happened on the forefront and behind the scenes of this time period, and even discuss the investigator the Courtney Love hired to find her husband when he went missing that April day of 1994.

This investigator who will be featured on the documentary about Cobain’s death has indicated that there was some foul play involved and this film will likely explore some of those facts and his findings from his investigation. It will be sure nice to hear a little more about what happened that day, and I am confident that many downloads and purchases will be happening for the movie.

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