Augmented reality technology will soon replace smartphones?

Soon, instead of a smartphone in hand, we will be wearing augmented reality glasses. In the future, glasses will replace special lenses.

Augmented reality technology is definitely the future. Soon we’ll be wearing augmented reality glasses that will replace traditional smartphones. Big concerns such as Facebook, Google and Apple are investing in this technology. There are also more and more patents, which shows that there will soon be a flood of such glasses and it will be a technology that will turn what we now hold in our hands into what we will look through.

The biggest giants of the technology industry invest in VR

Augmented reality is a technology that connects the real world with that which is digitally generated in 3D technology. The biggest giants of the technology industry invest in solutions for augmented reality. Facebook provides developers with a product called AR Studio, which is part of the Camera Effects platform. AR Studio helps you create creative effects for your Facebook Camera. With this platform, you can combine textures and objects with 3D modeling tools. This allows you to create both simple masks and interactive games.

AR Core provided by Google is in turn a platform for building augmented reality applications for Android. In this case, virtual content is integrated with the real world seen through the smartphone’s camera lens. The situation is similar in the case of the ARKit platform from Apple, which is dedicated to iOS users. In addition to the software that makes up the largest technology companies in the world, innovative hardware is also developed.

Research on special lenses

Research is already being conducted on lenses that we put in our eyes and that display an image, but this is not a technology that will see the light of day any time soon. When it comes to hologram technologies, the biggest problem in terms of projection is the medium – you need to have something to display this image on. When it comes to augmented reality technologies, the easiest way is to use glasses that will help us display these holograms – says the expert

Key applications are training and esports

Applications that may be crucial for the development of the VR industry are training and e-sport. Thanks to virtual reality, trained firefighters can practice, for example, a behavior pattern in a smoky room. Due to the high degree of danger, such training could not be organized in the real world. On the other hand, e-sport, where computer and console players compete, is one of the fastest growing trends in the entertainment industry. Newzoo specialists say that this market in 2020 may be worth up to $ 2.4 billion.

In 2017, esports revenues totaled $ 660 million. 32 percent of this amount was worked out in Europe. – I think that virtual reality in esports will be a breakthrough, because players will have to play like in the real world. They will need to be physically fit to hold a rifle for hours and maybe even run with it in the future. We are currently working on Zero Killed, which is similar to Counter Strike or Rainbow Six Siege. The game will be a multiplayer shooter, in which players will compete in virtual reality both on consoles and on a PC, announces the boss of Ignibit.

According to Newzoo, revenues from the global gaming market in 2017 amounted to 116 billion dollars. Until 2020, the market will grow on average by 8% annually. up to $ 143.5 billion According to analysts from Technavio, the global VR games market will grow in the next three years at an average annual rate of 67%.

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