Entrepreneurs and investors have found a new place to emerge business setup in Dubai from all over the world. Many international companies have already been established and generating high revenues. Free zones are also available where start-ups get opportunity in Dubai. For all this reasons, Dubai has become the most desired city all around the globe.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is considered as the best way for the formation of business in Dubai. A LLC has various benefits in company formation in Dubai for start-ups and entrepreneurs. This method is preferred by many owners for the business setup in Dubai and will also require an agent for legal authentications. The agent would hold 51 per cent of the company’s stake. 

Benefits of LLC

Low Cost

LLC costs the business owners less and it is very affordable. It has lesser restrictions with minimum capital amount. Nature of the business with its size and type will affect the minimum capital amount for the business setup in Dubai.

Instant Setup

For performing various business operations in LLC, there is a need of license for setting up of business whereas DED (Department of Economic Development) help you in company registration process and can complete it within 90 minutes of time.


For LLC formation, you need to choose the right locality from where you can elevate your business even more. Entrepreneurs can form their LLC anywhere for the business setup in Dubai.

Visa Availability

Investors can form LLC and for this their visa is accessible, if they are from a foreign country. Only by submitting required documents to the official authorities, the visa will be issued in a very less span of time.

Formation of Branches

More the branches your LLC has, greater the revenue you can generate. To promote your business and make people aware of it, you can establish new branches in various places. You can also be connected to the local markets and increase your market shares.

No tax payments, opening of corporate bank accounts easily, no fixed capital and unlimited owning of properties are few more benefits of LLC formation for the business setup in Dubai.

Process of LLC Formation

According to government, you need to follow legal process of LLC formation along with certain rules and regulations.

  • Company should choose legal structure by obeying the rules of the officials.
  • Choose a unique company name and plan all the operations of the business in an organized manner.
  • Form the LLC by choosing the right geographical location which will be connected to the market.
  • Submit all the required documents to the DED.
  • After you get approval from government authorities, open your LLC and start your business operations.

With LLC formation of your business in Dubai, you have various opportunities for expanding the business and you can gain higher profits. R A S Corporate Advisors can help you in the formation of the LLC in Dubai for your business with their extra-ordinary services and great experience.  


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