Benefits of Using A Natural Deodorant

Some entities do not consider the benefits of investing in plastic-free deodorants due to quick financial gain and marketing gimmicks. For this reason, the market is saturated with several antiperspirants and deodorants that only tackle the superficial problems of the underarms. However, if you are concerned about the environment and your long-term health, please read more about the benefits of using plastic free deodorants.

Allows your sweat glands to function

Did you know that human beings regulate body temperature by sweating? Contrary to the negative perception of sweaty underarms, sweat glands help your body cool off during heat exposure. However, most deodorants today tackle this vital function by blocking the underarms’ ability to sweat. Indeed, having wet underarm patches on your clothes can be unsightly, but there is a healthier option. With plastic-free deodorants, you still sweat.  However, the evaporation process on your skin is quicker and does not smear your clothes.

It’s skin-friendly

Many people do not react to the products because of the natural ingredients used in plastic-free deodorants. Natural deodorants do not contain the usual irritating chemicals found in antiperspirants. Moreover, science has established a link between chemical-based deodorants and certain forms of cancers and kidney disease. Scientists say continuous usage of these chemicals gets accumulated in the lymph nodes.


Over a period, these toxins interfere with the normal functions of healthy cells, giving rise to cancer and other diseases. Synthetic fragrances do not help either. Fortunately, plastic-free deodorants are plant-based and enhance the deep conditioning sensation you desire for your armpits. Hardly do users complain of developing rashes or other allergic outcomes after prolonged usage. However, if you are allergic to certain plant-based oils, you can examine them on the bottle. Additionally, natural fragrances include peppermint, lemongrass, etc.


Eliminates body odor naturally

When you sweat, moisture in your armpits mixes with bacteria, resulting in body odor. Instead of masking this smell with synthetic fragrances, plastic-free deodorants fight the bacteria from the source. Before you go any further, you should know that the human body has two different sweat glands, and they are:

  • Eccrine glands: Secrete moisture on the skin’s surface.
  • Apocrine glands: Secrete body fluids (sweat) in areas containing several hair follicles (armpits, pubic areas, etc.)


The likelihood of odor is higher because of bacteria in the armpits due to the apocrine glands. Remember that bacteria love warm, dark, moist places, like your armpits. Fortunately, natural or plastic-free deodorants neutralize the odor with their herbal content. For example, a natural deodorant containing tea tree oil is an excellent option for its bacteria-fighting properties.

Supports the global eco-friendly move

The world is gradually moving towards a green environment, so you’re contributing to the global cause when choosing natural products like plastic-free deodorants. Sustainability is the watchword, and it’s a great thing to join the move. Remember that the environment sustains all living organisms, and it’s a must to protect it. Therefore, you can opt for eco-friendly products while protecting your health.

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