Best 3 ways to convert CDR to PDF

Do you have many CDR files and need to convert to PDF? Then do not worry since you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to explain the best three methods to convert your CDR files into PDF files. So, without wasting time, get ready to know the best ways to convert your files easily and quickly.

How to convert CDR to PDF?

As we mentioned earlier, now we are going to provide the easiest and effective ways to change the .cdr extension to .pdf. Anyway, you can always download Photoshop for free and make a fast conversion too.

Whenever you need to convert CDR to PDF, we would recommend using because it is an online platform to turn the files with just four steps quickly. No need to install any application on your system if you visit this site.

Step 1 – Visit

The first step is visiting from your browser. After that, keep ready your CDR file and then select to drag it into the page.

Step 2 – Select the format.

In this stage, you need to choose the format you want as an output. This website allows you to convert your files into fifty different formats. Now select PDF or any other format you wish to convert your file into.

Step 3 – Customize

Now, select the orientation and size of the page. And you can also opt for other conversion options if you deem them as necessary.

Step 4 – Get your file

The final step is the easiest one because here, you just need to wait to get your PDF or any other file (as per the selection in step 2) format. It instantly provides the output file. You can either download it or export it to dropbox or google drive.

That’s it! Your PDF file is ready without wasting your valuable time.


In this method, you are going to use the CorelDRAW desktop program to convert the files into PDF files. This is the second-best way to convert cdr to pdf. The steps provided below is after assuming that you have already downloaded the CorelDRAW program on your system. If you haven’t done this yet, it will become your step number one. And the other steps remain the same for all.

Step 1

Open the CorelDRAW program, then click on the file, then choose Open option or you can press the Ctrl+O keys and browse and select the file you want to convert to PDF. 

Step 2

After choosing your cdr file, go to the File option. Next, you need to select the Print option, or you can do that by pressing Ctrl+P keys together. Now from the Printer dropdown, select novaPDF option. 

Step 3

This is the last step, and here you need to opt for any additional options as per your needs. If not, simply click on the Print option and select the path where you want to save your new PDF file. 

If you finish this step, you will get your PDF file copy waiting in the path you have given in step 3. 


Inkscape is another method to convert your files into PDF easily. It is a graphic design tool that comes free of cost for you. This is yet another desktop program to convert your files into PDF within a few minutes. It is also like the other two methods quick and easy to use interface. Well, here, too, we are assuming you have already downloaded and installed the Inkscape program on your system. If it is not done, then the same rules apply here also. You need to install the program and follow the remaining three more steps. 

Step 1

Open Inkscape program and then click on File, Open (or press Ctrl+O) and find select the CDR file you want to convert it into a PDF file.

Step 2

Now Go to Print (or press Ctrl+P) and select novaPDF from the Select Printer list. If you want to alter anything, you can do it here. If there is none, click on the Print option.

Step 3

In the ultimate step, you just need to choose the path for saving the PDF file. So, by following only three simple steps, your cdr file will convert to PDF in a flash. 

Yes, with just three steps, your new PDF file is ready to use in the destination folder. 

Now you have the complete picture of how to convert your cdr files to PDF. The most significant advantage of all three methods is you no need to waste your time. The steps are simple, and you will get your file in a flash. However, we would recommend the method one because there you no need to install anything. Which means method one is the fastest way to get your PDF file. 

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