The Best 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts Of 2021

Toast to your 5-year wedding anniversary! You both have gone on such a long journey. Now it’s time to cheer for the wonderful moments and prepare a thoughtful gift for your spouse. The gift, on this occasion, is very important. It’s a lovely representation of love and care, showing how much you mean for each other. Finding an appropriate gift is not always easy. If this’s also the case of yours at this time, you might take some cues from our post. But before diving into gorgeous ideas for the 5-year wedding anniversary gifts, have a deeper understanding of this milestone in your marriage.

What is the 5-year wedding anniversary gift?

As you might know, every wedding anniversary has its own name. The fifth anniversary is also called the wood anniversary. Wood is a strong symbol of growth and strength. In marriage, it represents an enduring and solidified relationship. That’s the reason why gifts made from natural wood are chosen very broadly when the married couples reach their fifth year. That said, wood is the traditional gift for this occasion.

In case you do not fall into this customary thing, feel free to make the twist to some alternative ones. Silverware can replace wood to become a contemporary gift. Or you can go for gemstone jewelry, flowers with blue or turquoise color to add a little additional taste. A private party or trip for you two is also a great idea.

There is no limitation for you to choose an anniversary gift for your loved one. Sticking to the traditional gifts or thinking out of the box is all up to you. If you’ve already brushed up on your knowledge of this wood anniversary and need some further advice, our collection below might be an ideal reference for you.

The most beautiful 5-year wedding anniversary gift for him/her

Traditional 5-year wedding anniversary gift – wood

Though wood might not seem like a romantic choice, it’s still a great and strong gift that you could give to your spouse for this wood anniversary. There is a variety of wooden gifts that can serve your mind. Our list below focuses on ones which the couples can both use.

Customizable keepsake box

Half a decade has just passed. You two might have a lot of love notes, cards, or other specified things that are supposed to be kept forever. For this case, so great when you have a wooden keepsake box as a treasure to store all of these memorable items, not only for the past time but also for the years to come. You can choose the box crafted from olive or ash wood and personalize your names and date on it.

Engraved cutting board

In case you’re looking for a wooden gift that represents both aesthetic and practicality, the engraved cutting board might serve your mind. This can be a special part of your kitchen where witness happy moments of you two while cooking and enjoying meals. The cutting board can be crafted from different types of wood, such as cherry, walnut, or oak. One nice thing is that you can engrave the names and the wedding date on this cutting board in a unique and charming way. If you love this custom gift, do not hesitate to bring it home.

Wooden world map as wall art

Are you a married couple who always wants to spend time traveling together, not just nationally? Do you wish to have a large artwork to place on your house wall? If both the answers are yes, we feel so nice to introduce you to this 5 year wedding anniversary gift of wood world map wall art. It can be a focal point of your home. It might mark some lands that you and your spouse have set foot in. And it could drive your long-lasting love so that you two can travel to as many places as possible.

Chic pendants for the couple

One way to have a chic gift from wood for this wedding anniversary is by carving custom pendants for the couples. It’s a great way to show they belong to each other. Crafts of initials or hearts sound great in this case. It might not be a flashy gift but a strong connection of love between the couple.

Wedding invitation keepsake

Many married couples want to treasure their memento by keeping the wedding invitation for their own. But it’s such a long time since the day they tied the knot. There might be some obstacles while keeping this stationary for so long. One sentimental alternative is the wooden wedding invitation keepsake. Now you can craft words on the stunning maple or walnut and have no worries about losing the most special item of your lifetime.

Alternative wedding anniversary gift ideas

Custom canvas prints

How nice it is that you give a custom canvas print for your loved one. You can mark this special occasion by adding some massages on the canvas. It’ll appear like a love letter where you can show words from the bottom of your heart. This personalized gift for anniversary is a wise idea that might tick all the boxes.

Silverware flatware set for the kitchen

Silverware might be the first selection if you wanna stray away from the traditional 5 year wedding anniversary gift. Being a mark of purity and strength, it represents a modern gift for this special occasion. Among various items made from silverware, flat\ware appears to be the most popular and exquisite gift that you might wish to give. Having this set for your kitchen will promote valuable moments that you can spend together or with your families. If you wanna warm up your relationship year by year, go for this silver flatware is a wise choice.

Gemstone jewelry

Sapphire gemstone is also seen as a symbol of this wedding anniversary. It symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity to each other. Blue sapphire is a recommendation for you. It’s pure and stable, fits nicely with the fifth year of marriage.

Flowers for her

Flowers is a popular gift that many men choose for their loved one. For the 5-year wedding anniversary gift, flowers might not be the greatest idea but you can still prepare some for her. If possible, go for the blue ones, like blue roses. It shows more connection to the soul of this special time. Daisy is also a thoughtful choice too. It’s delicate and strong, symbolizing a durable and unseparated love.

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Are there any other alternative wedding anniversary gifts?

Preparing a nice 5 year wedding anniversary gift is not limited. It also needs some flexibility. Knowing the taste and needs of your spouse is important as well. If those ideas above cannot persuade you, how about hanging out together and have dinner at a restaurant that you’ve reserved? Does a couple of tickets for movies or music sound interesting to you? Or you two are a warm couple who always commemorate wedding anniversary with your nearest and dearest? We think these ideas are still trendy and relatively affordable.

Any 5 year wedding anniversary gift above is great, as long as you send it with all your heart and love. Let the gift stay with you two and be a proof of your long-lasting love. Five years is surely a long path but it’s not the last. We always hope to see you celebrate the next anniversaries altogether, till you reach the diamond or even the oak anniversary.

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