Best Escape rooms

Orange county escape room is a great way of fun and excitement with friends and families. If you are stressed out, this game can relieve your stress. If you want to spend some amazing moments with your friend and family, come to the escape room and make your moment memorable. The Chicago escape rooms also provide you the best experience for playing games and solving the puzzles. If you are waiting to do something new in your life just try these escape rooms. This experience will be very useful for your health and brainstorming as well.

Here we are going to discuss some best escape rooms.

Square Room escape:

This escape room is all about physical activities and introduces your life to some new experiences. So, come here with your families and friends and do some physical activities for the best treatment of your mind. In this escape room, you have to solve some puzzle and riddle to escape from the room within a short period. In the square room, your mission is to cut off some evils from a soldier of fortune. Up to seven participants can take part in this room to solve the puzzles.

Secrete in Suburbia:

This is the best escape room Chicago  where 4 to 10 players can participate in a game. The time duration in this game is about 40 minutes. In this room, you have to solve five puzzles to escape the room within 40 minutes. This is a real-life adventure game. So, try this game and make some adventure in your life. In this room, your activity is to find some secret things within a short time.

PuzzleMazement in Anaheim:

This escape room is like a white house with 3 stories and a hidden cabin in the ground. In this room, up to 10 players can participate. Ghost hunters involve some scary activities with 4 players. Mailroom Madness Challenge you to find the Holy Grail from the post office within a short time. Such activities play an important role in refreshing your soul.

EscapeX Rooms in Irvine:

This room requires 4 to 13 players within 60 minutes of time duration. This room consists of two escape rooms. You have 6 tickets for a minimum one room. In the first room, you have to face some scary voices while solving the logic of the puzzle. While in the second room, known as the mafia heist room you have to solve some problems and escape the room without getting caught. Each of these escape rooms has been amazingly designed to take you on a challenge you’ll always remember.

Cross Roads escape games:

Two escape rooms are involved in the cross-road escape room. In the First room, the player has to survive a horror movie. In this challenge, 16 players can participate. Each player has to accept some character according to his personality and try to find a way to escape from the room. In the second room known as the Halloween season, the visitors have to find some clues and try to solve some riddle within a short time. This room is full of some illusion and scary moments.

The Hex Room:

This escape room is best for kids. This escape room challenges the adult to solve some mysterious puzzle. In this escape game, about 2 to 10 players can participate. You may participate with the stranger if you don’t want to book the entire room. This kind of escape room is very best to improve the mental abilities of kids as well as adults.

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