Best filter coffee machine for home

coffee machine for home

For people who are enthusiastic about the fuss cupa, the most ideal choice they have is the filter machine to get the best cup of coffee of impeccable quality.


1. De longhi De Longhi ICM15210.1

The majority of the coffee lovers must have probably heard about this coffee machine. It’s quite easy to operate, thanks to a non-drip device that allows you to remove the jug even when the coffee is still brewing.

The size of the jug can house 1.25 liters and you can make up to 15 cups. There is a water level guide, warming plate and the use of the paper filters is very important. It has durability such that it can last for 2- 3 years, and the handling and managing is quite direct.

There are lot of frills, but the basics are appealing. The manual controls are quite simple, the water level display can be easily read and the safety feature is on auto-shutoff. Just like it has been earlier saying, there is a permanent filter, for this reason, you will have to make use of the paper filters.



  • It can supply 4 – 5 mugs of coffee.
  • It ensures the supply of tasty cups of coffee
  • It is a good basic filter machine
  • The style is encouraging and the usage is very easy
  • You are going to get the value invested in buying the filter machine.


  • The process of making coffee is slow.
  • It starts to leak at some point
  • The operations start to malfunction or stop after 4 – 12 months of making a purchase.


  • Black Color
  • LCD Display
  • Autoshut OFF
  • 7 Kg
  • Rated Voltage is 220/240-250
  • It has plastic body with a metal insert


2. Andrew James 15 Cup Digital Filter Coffee Machine

Andrew James has gained so much recognition among many people due to some of its amazing features. It is of great use for both the office and home.

It has a simple functionality as there is a clear LED display and a control panel that is easy to use. It has a large capacity and reusable filter alongside a keep-warm function. You can easily refill through the flip-up lid, and a measuring cup has been included such that you will be able to add the appropriate amount of the filtered coffee.

It can hold 1.8 liters which is enough to make up to 15 cups of hot coffee. There is a volume marker that will enable you to figure out the amount of water that is being added to the machine. There is an ergonomic handle that paves way for easy handling such that the splashes and spills will be at a minimal level. There is also a timer that will give you the chance to set the working duration for the coffee machine.

There is a little handle that you can lift easily for cleaning and emptying, you can get it replaced just to ensure that you get a smooth brew of your ground coffee or filter coffee.



  • It gives the value for the money invested in buying the product
  • It ensures the provision of sufficient coffee as it is up to 15 cups


  • The efficiency seems kind of low as the coffee comes out warm
  • The machine shuts off as soon as the brewing starts to take place and the coffee gets cold before you can finish up the cup of coffee.


  • Andrew James Brand
  • Grey Color
  • Product Dimension is 22 x 21 x 37 cm
  • The capacity is 1.8 litres
  • Power Wattage is 1100
  • Aluminum/ Plastic Material


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