Best Hair Dryer of 2020

Beauty blogs have long praised blow dryers for their ability to dry hair quickly and without the friction of a bulky towel. In fact, towel drying is just as effective as any other hair drying technique – drying techniques that exist when the right towel is used. In this article we will discuss the best hair dryer of 2020 and why the hair towels takes the trophy!

The best thing about hair towels is that they can be used for most hair types, including thick, long hair. In fact, there’s no doubt that a haircloth will leave moisture in your hair – ready for style. Microfibre towels are used to remove excess water, as frizz is a major problem for some hair types.

The best way to do this is to invest in a good towel for your hair to protect it from the friction that comes with the considerable heat and damage to the hairdryer. The best quality microfibre cloth is always a better option than using a shirt to dry the hair, rather than a body cloth. Do not shake your head at the idea of drying hair with a towel to get excess moisture, as it helps to speed up the drying of hair. You can’t stop drying the hair because it requires a gentle towel that’s soft to protect your hair from breakage.

It also helps that microfibers reduce the frizz that you might see in the standard towel-dried hair, require less anti-frizz products. If you dry your hair with a microfiber cloth, the hair becomes smoother and less frizzy. Since you do not need much time to dry, you can keep the necessary moisture in it so that it does not tend to dry out hair, which leads to less frizzy hair. Nevertheless, you should take a break from the hairdryer and the air from time to time – and dry your hair safely.

When you come out of the shower, gently squeeze the excess water out of the hair and then wrap it in a towel or turban and tap it to remove as much water as possible. As you dry your hair, part of your towel may have become wet earlier, which has soaked the water into your hair. Pat the hair back and forth on the towel for 10-15 seconds and pat it off with your fingers or hands as often as possible.

Drying the hair with the same towel you use on your body can roughen the cuticles of the hair and lead to frizz and unwanted knots. Remember that rubbing wet hair with a towel can do more harm than good. When a large bath towel is used to rub wet hair, it can damage the cuticles of the strands. An Aquis towel protects you from the risk of split ends when drying the hair and ensures that it does not suffer the usual damage of a dryer.

Make sure you apply a lightweight conditioner or moisturizing hair oil before drying your hair with a towel. So choose your detangling tools wisely and always be sure to spray OUAI Leave on your towel – the hair dries and chooses the towel that dries it.

The towel is specially designed to dry your hair almost all the time and remove harmful hair before blow-drying. When you use the Aquisl you can bring out excess water from your hair as soon as you step out of the shower. This towel dries the hair almost every time without a towel and it transports water away to bring the hair to an evenly moist state after drying without damaging it.

We really love that we can wrap wet hair in a towel in seconds and it quickly dries. When hair is dry, we recommend  using the plop method and let the towel soak up the water for about 10 minutes then pat it on the back and do everything possible just to get it dry. Try and use a hair towel to dry your hair because you can quickly wrap them around your head and jump out of the shower. If you dry your hair all the time, use a plops method, let your shirt absorb all the water after about 10 minutes, and use a normal towel to dry your hair.

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