Best Kickass torrents

Best Kickass torrents

Kickass torrents are one of the most popular torrent websites available out there. However, in the past, the website was shut down. But it is still accessible through the Kickass proxy.

The thing about Torrents is that there are different government agencies who are always trying hard to close these websites. And KickassTorrents is one of them. However, the good part is that the website did not go offline completely. There are different proxy sites which are available on the internet.

And you can use any of those KickassTorrents proxies to browse the website. So the question is How to use KickassTorrents proxies? Well, in this article, I am going to answer this question only.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

How to use KickassTorrents proxies?

What are the Kickass Torrents Proxy?

First of all, the question is what the kickass torrents proxy? Well we often see that most of the torrent websites go offline. And as a result we cannot access them.

However, the thing is that the server of that torrent website never goes down. But a domain name associated with it gets down or blocked by your ISP provider. This means, even if the is down there is a high chance that the website is still connected to the server.

And you can use domain to access your favorite torrent site. This is what known as the Kickass torrents proxies. There are quite a lot of domains are available out there which is associated with the Kickass Torrents website. So even if a domain is offline, there are other domains exists that can lead you to the website.

And some of those Kickass Torrents proxies are listed over here:

Kickass Proxy/ MirrorsStatus/ Speed

How to Unblock Kickass Website?

Now the question is how to unblock the kickass torrents website? Well, there are three ways that you can follow. And let me just talk about these ways individually over here:

Tor Browser

First of all, you can try out the TOR or The Onion Router. Tor is a group of individual networks which helps us to stay anonymous when we are browsing the internet. It even hides your online activity from your ISP. As well as hides your IP address. As a result, it becomes impossible for anyone to track you down. And you can easily browse your favorite torrent sites.

Web Proxy

Web proxy is another option to open blocked sites. As explained above, proxies are a bunch of domains connected to the same server. So you can any of the proxies to browse Kickass torrents.


In the end, there is a VPN. It is a secure method which unblocks all the sites without any issues. As well as it provides you security on the go.

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