Best OS for Android Studio

Androids have already got us covered with millions of applications to help with our day to day routine. No doubt, we cannot simply live without our android smartphones, and it is not sarcasm but it’s the truth. We need our android systems to assist in our everyday tasks and work. These systems have made our lives much easier but more restless and impatient as compared to the stone-age times and period. Well, talking about Android systems, there have been regular updates and advancements in this particular studio, which is making it better for people with technology to keep using the operating system platform without any hassle. 

However, if you are looking for something better in the android studio or probably looking for the best operating system for Android studio, then here we have got some for you and you will surely be excited by it! 

Top 4 Operating system for Android studio

Well, to provide you with more knowledge on picking up the right operating system for your android studio we have put together some of the best from the market, check it out! 


You all know what an android is, and how useful it is! It is a mobile operating system that is designed and developed on the Linux platform or you can call it a Linux kernel. However, just like many other platforms in the market, android is an open source space which lets every user experience its features and advances without being partial. This platform is primarily designed for smartphones and tablets with touchscreen features. 

Android 10

Only if you know, it is the 10th major launch and 17th popular version of Android operating system. No doubt, these features and updates have acquired fame for the android system. Android Q, was primarily made for Google smartphones that are launched with Pixel tags. These android updates are available on Google play store and it has got a complete six beta versions that were released already. 

Android Cupcake

It is much older than the other versions of android. Yes, android cupcake was launched and released in the year 2009 and it is also succeeded by the Donuts! Nope, not the chocolate donuts but, Android 1.6, Donut! It is however, the third version of Android designed by Google. Now, it’s 2019, and none of the smartphones support this particular version of android. 

Android Things

Ever heard of Android things? It is codenamed as Brillo in the technical market. It is an embedded operating system that was announced and released in the year 2015. One can use this particular system only with low memory and IoT. Also, it supports only 65MB RAM supporting just the Bluetooth and Wifi up to a certain limit. Well, you need not worry, android has got various updates and all the smartphones launched under android platforms have more advanced features. 


Hence, we have got this backed up for you, when you are looking for the best OS for Android studio. Try any of these, you will surely be amazed. 

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