Best outdoor basketball shoes & half balancing ball

If you are a fan of playing basketball and want to achieve the professional perfection, your basketball shoes need to be perfect. Most of the shoes are made for indoor playing and hence when you play outdoors they end up being ruined. So what exactly do you need to consider that will differentiate the inside basketball shoes from the outside basketball shoes. The most important part of an outside basketball shoes is the rubber of the outsole. The rubber needs to be solid and dense. A lot of brands provide shoes that have firm rubber compounds out of the box however if you are willing to spend a lot of money, you can get this feature customized by Nike sneakers. The outsole is the point of traction for the footwear. Maximum balance while playing outdoor basketball can be provided with relatively flat and aide outsoles. Some outsoles have herringbone or hexagonal pattern that keeps the foot secure and prevent sliding. 

Then you need to determine the height that you require for playing. There are three different types of heights that appeal to different types of players. The high height provides a layer of shoes around and above your ankle that gives an extra layer of support. The medium height provides a layer around the ankles only to give some coverage and this allows greater flexibility. The low height has been built for added speed and agility however they have little to no ankle support. Then we have the factor of upper security. You can use zippers, straps, hook and loop closure or the standard laces. The midsole should have proper high quality cushioning. Foams like EVA and compressed EVA foams are lighter options and the heavier options include polyurethane midsoles. These are mostly dense and add weight onto the shoes. Sometimes brand specific foaming technologies in the forefoot and heel protect the pressure points and give added comfort to the foot. Then we have the aesthetics. We want shoes that will make a bold statement along with functioning well. Choose designs and colors that showcase your personality. Keep a constant theme that will be reflected in how you play and dress for the match. 

A very significant factor to be considered is the position that you will be playing for. If you are playing for the guards position you will need shoes that enable quick movements and this can be done with low height outdoor basketball shoes. The forwards position needs to hold the position of command and this can be done with high top basketball shoes. They have additional support and coverage. Lastly, we have the all-round players that need middle height shoes because they need shoes that provide support and flexibility at the same time. 

Adidas dame 5 has proven to be the best basketball shoes for outdoor use available. It has added advanced cushioning technology that provides lightweight shock absorption and increased flexibility. The internal padded system will provide comfort on the mid foot and under the tongue of the foot. The upper is lightweight and breathable, and the fit is sung because of the smooth textile. Mid foot protection is also added with the thermoplastic overlay. Incredible traction is promised with the rubber outsole that has herringbone pattern on it. 

While talking out balls, let’s get to the half balancing ball. This ball has over and over again proven to be a great home workout tool because it lets you easily balance in half. It helps you perform strength training, cardiovascular exercises, resistance training and aerobic or anaerobic exercises. A lot of people don’t realize this but half balancing ball needs to have specific features that will make it outshine among other equipment. These balls are made up of rubber and have been inflated. This means that they can either deflate or burst which is why you need to keep the weight limit in check.  The weight specifications should be read and kept into mind. The surface of this ball needs to have a textured surface so that sweat does not cause any slipping. The flat solid disc under the ball needs to be sturdy and well-built so that it doesn’t flatten out while exercising.  Some high end models have handles that can be held while exercising. 

You can use this ball two ways. One can be that you place the ball on the floor and put the hard disc over it and the second one is that you place the disc down below and put the ball (dome side up) on the disc. Another positive factor about half balance ball is that it increases the stability in sports and the dynamic/static balance also improves. It will also reduce soreness and your core will be stabilized. 

There are certain precautions that need to be taken while using this ball. They should not be used on uneven surfaces and they need to be kept away from stairs. Prevent the use of sharp tipped object near the ball, especially the one that can burst it open. Make sure you use a wall in the beginning and then go wall free after establishing balance or else you will injure yourself. 

PEXMORE half balance ball is the best one out of the lot. It has a pebbled texture surface that helps in stimulating the body acupuncture points and reduces fatigue. It has been constructed of environmental friendly material that avoids allergies. The texture is anti-slid and anti-skid, along with being water resistant. It has the ability to withstand a total of 660 pounds at one time. Moreover, it has a compact size for easy portability and it comes with a complimentary foot pump. Workout type is broadened with the help of 2 detachable resistance bands and it’s accompanied with 2 air plugs as well. 

In conclusion, we have given you high end information regarding outdoor basketball shoes and half balancing balls. The information has been provided after being thoroughly researched. To know more follow 

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