Best solution for longer eyelashes in 2020 you should try

Have you tried everything on your eyelashes without any effects? Don’t worry there are lots of women out there like you who have problems with the eyelashes and who want to increase their eyelashes density or even have longer but 100% natural eyelashes. 

Understandably, it can be pretty frustrating at times to see that the treatments on which you are spending bulks of money. 

Of course, there are plenty of treatments that you can search for online such as applying lemon juice, Vaseline on your eyelashes, and massaging your eye line and eyelashes and using bimatopros eye drops.

Here we will not make you go through all those bogus treatment methods and those types of instant cure treatments. 

But we will give you some important information on how to have longer eyelashes in 2020 that are mostly new and you can give them a try especially if you have undergone so many different types of treatment. But if you’re looking for extension of lashes without making an appointment then flutter habit can be a good choice. They offer affordable eyelash extensions that can be done from home.

What’s the most important thing for growing eyelashes naturally according to you? find out because it may as well surprise you…

The most important thing that you can get a good boost on for growing total natural eyelashes is properly grooming them. 

Yes, you need to go a little gentle and be choosy about items such as eyeliner or eye mascara because they can be pretty hard on your eyelashes and cause more damage than being beneficial.

Also on the general tip is that you should stay away from using the eyelash curler. It can cause damage to the young eyelashes that are in their growth phases. You can go for 100% natural biotin supplements and gently massage them on the eyelashes to grow them. Don’t go for the fancy eyelash adhesives because they also cause harm to your eyelashes. 

Talk to a dermatologist before using eyelash serum

There are many eyelash serums that you can use but not all have the same naturally positive effects on your eyelashes. Bimatoprost which is the active ingredient in most of these eye serums can be good when applied over the long term and help to grow stronger and longer natural eyelashes. 

Studies and researches show that the natural eyelash serum is good and helps to grow your eyelashes stronger and longer. They help the eyelash follicles to stay healthy particularly during their growth phase while young. 

There are some other substances too within these eyelash serums that can be particularly helpful for the growth of natural eyelashes. These include some peptides, natural extracts, and vitamins. 

Sometimes the OTC eyelashes can have some critical effects on your eyelashes as their effects in the long term are unknown. 

Use castor oil and coconut oil which are the best natural supplements for your eyelashes

If you don’t want to use chemicals within the eyelash serums then you can try out 100% natural supplements such as castor oil and coconut oil. 

Researches show that castor oil and coconut oil help your eyelash for keeping them hydrated and thus it helps them to get brittle or eventually fall off the eyeliner.

This can be pretty helpful for those who have to wear cosmetics such as artificial adhesive type eyelashes and eyelash curlers for makeup. 

Some studies suggest that eyelashes can increase the cluster of eyelashes too thereby increasing their density. 

Go for eyelash extensions 

If you are using careprost eye drop and don’t want to use the chemical substances then there is a better option for you. you can go for semi-biotic eyelash fibers that give your eyelashes mostly a natural look and make them look longer and darker. 

These are high-quality fibers made from natural substances although not fully natural. You can even go for customizing looks on your face by varying the length, tints, and different densities of these eyelash fiber extensions. 

If you don’t want to end up further damaging your eyelashes you have to be very choosy about these eyelash extensions as not all of them have the same positive effects o your eyelashes over a longer period. There are long-lasting extensions by Paris Lash Academy that can help you save money from keeping on buying new ones. It’s always good to know your options when it comes to these kinds of products.

Take green tea

Green tea apart from shedding your extra weight can also help you to grow your eyelashes and make them healthier and denser. If you don’t want to use bimatoprost as they are chemical substances you can go for completely natural and herbal green tea that is a good source of the substance called polyphenol that helps to increase the density of the eyelash follicles. 

Apart from drinking your cup of hot and piping green tea you can even cool it down and apply the fluid gently over the eyelashes for direct application. You can drink green tea as many times a day as you want but a minimum of two times is mandatory. Even you can apply the topically the fluid of the green tea manually on your eyelashes once a day. 

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