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We all are living in a tech-bombarded life. And the mere fact that there is no going back or avoidance for any age group keeps pushing the idealists to find ways to minimize its lethal effects in our lives. To keep up with the new trends along with remembering the old custom ways of living is quite an impossible goal but a man can dream, right?  So thinking about eliminating a smartphone from one’s life for the sake of custom living will be Big No. But we can at least try to find ways that can help us reduce its too much involvement in the life of the young generation

For example, a teenager without a smartphone is difficult to imagine but a monitoring app for a teenager’s smartphone sounds legit. So a monitoring software or spy app is the key for all the worried parents who want to get rid of this smartphone obsession but can’t help it. We are here to tell you about some famous spy apps for your kids android phone. Or you can use it to keep an eye on any suspicious employee as well.

3) KidsGuard Pro:

KidsGuard Pro is an android spy app commonly used for monitoring smartphones. It runs in the background and records every activity of the target smartphone just like any other smartphone spy app. It offers call recording location tracking and social media monitoring features along with many others but the drawback is that it does not offer a free version and the user can monitor only one device with one license.

2) mSpy:

mSpy is another android spy app built with the purpose of android monitoring. Parents can use it to keep an eye on teen activities whereas employers can use this app to monitor suspicious employees. It offers various features like call recording, location detection, online tracking, and social media monitoring, etc. With all the offered features mSpy is a bit high on the pocket and is not cost-friendly.

1)The OgyMogy:

The OgyMogy is the spy app offered for the android user as a multitasking spy app. That means it offers parental control as well as employee monitoring features. Moreover, along with the android version, OgyMogy offers Mac and Windows spy app version for users as well. Thus the user can monitor the target person through the smartphone as well as laptop or tablet etc.

The OgyMogy spy app is light on pocket and has got a user-friendly interface so even people who are not good with technology or gadgets can handle it quite easily. It offers bundle packages for users, thus select the package that suits your desire box and get it installed by following easy steps.

The feature offered by OgyMogy is Voice recording, Location tracking, Camera Bug,  Screen Recorder, Call recording, Keylogging i.e detecting passwords and account details of the target person, Data Backup, Text Messages, social media monitoring spy apps like FaceBook spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Instagram spy app, Skype spy app, Spy on Snapchat, Viber spy app, Line spy app, etc.

You can monitor the online activities of the target person with the features offered by the OgyMogy spy app like internet tracking that allows the user to track all the websites visited by the target person. You can use the web-filtering feature to block certain sites as well. OgyMogy gives access to the bookmarked folder as well thus keep an eye on the frequently visited sites and make sure your kid is not into any adult content or the employees are not busy in online shopping.

OgyMogy gives remote access to the photos folder as well. So parents can know easily about the downloaded and shared images and videos of their teens. The keylogging feature is the best for the employer who wants to keep a strict eye on employees. It allows the user to have access to all the keystrokes applied to the target device.

Thus you can easily have access to all the id’s, accounts, and passwords related to the gadget. You can keep an eye on any suspicious spy employees, on their email, inbox, sent items, and drafts.

So it is easy to keep monitoring the attachments correspondence of any employee to make sure no one shares any kind of confidential information with outsiders.

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Stella is a senior write and blogger who loves to write about spy apps for kids and employees. Currently she is working on tech bug that provides unbiased best spy app review of different monitoring software like ogymogy review.

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