Best Streaming VPNs in 2021

Technological advancements have seen a boom in the past couple of decades and things that were once considered a marvel of technology are going obsolete with each passing day. We can observe these changes in our day to day life as well. Phone booths are replaced by cell phones,  traditional computers are replaced by portable laptops and palm tops and just like that in the entertainment industry cinemas and traditional cable televisions have shrank into the pockets of general user in the form of streaming services and apps. These apps are very cost effective and many providers now offer discounts on it, for example Spectrum promotions for cable comes with a streaming app included. Gone are those days when there were blockbuster stores on every other corner of the block where you had to go and buy or rent your favorite movies.

Now we have examples like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many others that are fighting for supremacy in this ever growing streaming landscape. These streaming services not only provide added convince for users to watch their favorite content from the comfort of their houses but is also a need of the hour today as many of us are still going through lockdowns and government restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic. In times where people can’t go to cinemas, the cinemas have come to people in form of streaming apps. Now there are multimillion dollar deals signed between productions and streaming giants regarding which platform their films are going to be released.  

What is a VPN

But, as there are many benefits to these streaming apps it comes with its fair share of disadvantages as well. The primary one being censorship and type of content limited to certain geographical area. The biggest example of this was Disney+ not being available for certain Asian regions for straight two months while having launched services in UK and USA. But, there is a workaround for pretty much everything today as long as you possess the right tools and knowledge. And in this case that tool came in the form of VPN. Virtual Private Network or to put it simply VPN. It has become an essential tool not only for entertainment purpose but for network security as well for those working from home.

VPN actually masks the physical address of your internet also called the IP address that not only protects you from being tracked on the web but also tricks the system by changing your geographical location this is achieved through an additional layer of IP address of the VPN that masks user’s original IP. VPN services includes servers that are usually placed all around the when users wants to access the internet the request first goes to the nearest VPN server and from there to the actual address so it gives an illusion that this request has been generated through that server that is actually located somewhere else in the world.

VPNs are classified based on the level of protection they provide, their speed, number of servers and locations they are in, and of course pricing. There are many VPN providers considering the current landscape that have become so essential both in entertainment and professional prospects of life. But, here we have created a list of few VPN providers that are providing top notch services to home users in 2021 based on quality of service, speed and nominal pricing.

1. Nord VPN

If you are looking for a VPN specifically for streaming then Nord VPN is your best friend. Their major marketing slogan is that they are best for gaming and streaming that’s because one of the most important aspect in gaming is lag and connection stability and for streaming it’s the speed and reliability of the connection because honestly nobody wants to get the annoying buffering logo during an intense part of your favorite movie, with Nord VPN you will never face that problem. With over 5,542 servers in 59 countries you will always find a server that’s optimal for you both in speed and geography. 

With built in integration for games and a smart play feature allows users to even configure it on devices that usually don’t support VPN options including Apple TV. Coming to streaming with a vast collection of servers and countless locations available you can easily rely on Nord VPN for all your entertainment needs not only it’s going to allow you to access any streaming platform but also you will have the option to enjoy contents of different regions as well that might not be available at your location. 

2. Express VPN

One of the most common complaints of a typical VPN user including myself is that most of them are pretty slow, if you are from the same lot then give Express VPN a try not only it’s one of the fastest VPN service out there but it’s one of the safest as well. Express VPN provides military level encryption to its users so not only you can stream securely on it you pretty much access any streaming platform currently available. Apart from all this they’ve got over three thousand servers across 94 countries. So the only thing you have to worry about is what content to watch and from which country because you’re going to have even more options than you initially expected. 

One of my personal favorite features of Express VPN is their Media Streamer option. This allows users to use Express VPN even without an app that allows users to pretty much use it on any device that they want even those that don’t support a VPN option. This option gives user an assisted DNS that masks their original IP, in short all the fun of VPN without any of the fuss and that for me is a win win option.

3. Surfshark

Most streamers have multiple accounts on different platforms and one thing is for sure, these subscriptions doesn’t come cheap. After paying for all these accounts most users are left with little to nothing to spend on other amenities. For people like these there is Surfshark a tiny, convenient and cheap VPN service that provides you with all the necessary options you need for a seamless streaming experience without breaking your bank. Surfshark is best paired with Netflix and provide optimal speeds even connecting with Netflix japan. It also has Smart DNS feature that allows you to have VPN services on devices that natively doesn’t allow VPNs like gaming consoles. This feature is similar to the options found in other top notch VPN services described earlier in this list. But all this with a significant lower price tag. 


We have compiled this list of VPNs based on real time user reviews and experiences. All these applications have top notch features required by avid streamer to have breezing streaming experience and in the end it comes down to personal preference some specific feature and pricing while choosing the optimal VPN for yourself. However, there is one common feature among all these VPN services, that is to allow users to use VPN on devices and applications that natively doesn’t support VPN services like smart TVs.

 This has opened a new dimension for cable TV providers like Spectrum who also offer their own streaming app that can be installed on smart phones and smart TVs. Now streamers can benefit from special offers on their cable and streaming services and enjoy not only their favorites TV channels but different programming and stream able content from different parts of US using these VPN platforms on Cable providers like Spectrum’s TV app.

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