Best Tips and Tricks to Pick Out Custom Printed T-shirts for Your Team

Best Tips and Tricks to Pick Out Custom Printed T-shirts for Your Team

You may need printed tees for your company anniversary or some team-building exercise. It means that you need to look for the best screen printing companiesto print t-shirts that evoke a feeling of solidarity and togetherness to help your team function efficiently. Then, choosing the perfect tee for your corporate event is not simple as it sounds. It may seem a very simple process; however, you will find many moving pieces as far as choosing, designing, and ordering printed t-shirts are concerned.

According to an article published in Huffington Post, on Sundays when not in the office, you can wear a simple tee with your favorite denim jacket. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best tips and ideas to choose custom tees for your team. Read on to learn more.

Opt for the perfect fabric

When you are looking for printed tees, focus on the fabric first. You can choose from different types of fabric. You can try tri-blend tees, the mix of ring-spun cotton, polyester, as well as rayon. These are made of a durable, comfortable fabric mix that gives you a flattering fit, irrespective of the cut.

You can also buy 100 percent cotton tees, which are comfortable, breathable, hypoallergenic, and durable. If you believe in eco-friendly living, you can choose cotton and environment-friendly printing. Cotton is more eco-friendly compared to artificial fabrics.

You may also look for printed tees made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester.

Have fun designing your printed t-shirt

Designing your custom tee is fun but you need to choose the right design for your brand or business theme. Make it more personalized to your brand, team-building event, and things like that. Therefore, do something more creating than just putting a logo on the fabric. Think and add some meaning to the design. Look for t-shirt design printing inspiration sites online for some awesome ideas.

You can think of what you would like to achieve at your team-building exercise or even your company anniversary. Your t-shirt design should convey an interesting and relevant idea. Would you like to use some playful design or something more formal? You can include illustration, text, or both. Factor in things like images, style, color, and typography. Look for t-shirt design guidance and sites that will help you design and order cool tees for your team.

Designing an attractive tee is not simple and calls for creativity. Therefore, it is better to look for professionals designing and selling wholesale printed t shirts.

Choose the perfect fit

When you have selected the right t-shirt material, you need to choose the perfect fit. When it comes to cuts, you have many options. You need to choose the ones that work for your requirements.

You will want tees for both men and women in your team and therefore, look for unisex fits. These t-shirts will flatter both boys and girls. Then, you need to figure out how many tees you will need for both sexes.

Will you like a long-sleeve tee or a half-sleeve one? If you host the event during summer, half-sleeves are the best. For winter events, you can choose long-sleeve tees. We recommend you choose half-sleeves if it is a team-building exercise in summer. You can also choose a muscle tee or a nice tank for more comfort and style.

There are fit factors such as tees with a breast pocket, v-neck, round neck, and even a hoodie but that is for winter events.

Upload the t-shirt design and order

When fabric, fit, and design are all decided, it is time to upload the design and order. You will also need to specify the number of printed t-shirts you will need for the team. The best way is to opt for a t-shirt printing agency online and choose the tees that best match your fit and fabric needs. Look for the color choices available and ensure that it matches with your brand color and event theme. The colors should complement as well as contrast with the design.

Once the design, color, fit, and fabric are okay, you need to upload and order. Make sure your design for the front as well as the back of the t-shirts. Sometimes, people do not what size to order as there are many team members in a department. For instance, if you order 100 tees, it means you should order 20 pieces in five different sizes. Yes, you need to choose large, medium, and extra-large when it comes to t-shirt size. Usually, large fits most men and women. Do not choose small, extra-small, and sizes more than extra-large.

When you finally upload and order, it will take some time to get your attractive printed t-shirts for your business event.


Now that you have these tips handy, it will help you choose custom printed t-shirts in bulk for your company event. Choose the best fabric, design, color, size, and theme. Make your corporate event a big success!


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