Best Working Tips For Selling Art Prints Online

Best Working Tips For Selling Art Prints Online


Yes, just as you hear it. To put an art print for sale online, the first thing you should know is the process that will be carried out after the sale of a work. You will see both the process of negotiation, closing, logistics, insurance, payment, assembly … that this purchase entails. This way, you will assess the intermediaries’ work and the reason why the intermediation and advisory commissions are taken.

We recommend buying a work of art that excites you, and if it is the first in your collection, it is not an excessive amount. Try to buy through the channels you plan to sell; that is, if you intend to sell your works through a gallery, visit galleries and make the purchase there; if you are going to do it online, visit one of the main art websites and place the order in this way.


You have already chosen to use one or more methods, but something is not working. Maybe the photos of your art prints on canvas or whatever art you’re looking to sell are not of good quality. Remember that if you sell art, your works’ photographs have to be of the highest quality to see the smallest detail.

The photographs of your works have to be of high quality and with perfect lighting. Hire a photographer or talk to photographer friends about how you might do them. The high quality will be well received by the users, although not by the web’s speed. Before uploading the photo in high resolution, remember to optimize the images in a web tool so that the photo does not lose quality but is faster for the web.

Take photos of your work on a white background and be original, and offer other perspectives such as hanging in a living room so that users can see how it would look at home.


Sometimes it is not the photographs; sometimes, you do not have time to carry all these platforms or simply do not know how to manage them professionally. To do this, a good option is to include your work on online art sales websites.

Platforms to upload art prints for sale online will allow you to get your work to potential buyers. Maybe you don’t know how to reach people who are interested in buying art. Or maybe you don’t have time because you dedicate yourself exclusively to painting or drawing. Online art sales sites allow you to put yourself at the forefront so that your work is seen by people that come to the website to buy art.

You have to know that to sell art online over the Internet; you need to be proactive. Don’t wait for them to come to you, go out and sell your art. As in offline, it is important to make contacts in online networking is also important. It is indeed easier, but you have to know how to do it. With these tips, you will surely be able to sell your art on the Internet.

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