Black Friday early sales

Even though Black Friday 2020 officially starts on November 27, discounts and promotions are continuing to drop early; many stores are launching Black Friday sales throughout these days. Really attractive sales are already being offered on all types of items, from TVs and cell phones to kitchen appliances and clothing.
One of the reasons retailers decided to launch Black Friday sales earlier this time, is because Amazon did the first move opening the shopping season with Prime Day and that created a chain reaction, which forced other retailers to take action so as not to be left behind. Another reason is that, due to the pandemic most people are doing their holiday shopping online, so there is a lot of concern about long shipping times because of the high demand. Taking all this in consideration, it is easy to understand why retailers are anticipating the seasonal sales and launching Black Friday earlier.

Buy now or wait?

It is probable we will see the best deals on the actual day of the event (Friday 27), but reality is that huge discounts are being offered right now. Therefore, if you are looking for something specific and you see it on sale with Black Friday discount, and it is within your budget, we advise you to buy it. If you decide to wait, you are taking the risk of losing the opportunity to get a deal, for there is no way to guarantee the promotion will return or that the retailer won’t be out of stock by then. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

What products can you buy?

Black Friday specials are found in all kinds of products, from electronics and video games to clothing or kitchen appliances. So, if you are looking forward to buying a new laptop or some leggings Black Friday deals are exactly what you need.
You can buy any kind of product; Black Friday is an event with deals on a wide range of products like smart home devices, clothing, toys, kitchen appliances, TVs, phones and laptops, beauty products, video games consoles and accessories, shoes, and much more.

Some tips to optimize your Black Friday shopping

These tips will help you avoid overspending and frustration while searching for the best discounts

1. It is important to start early, for many reasons. One of them is that hot products are the first ones to go; they sell out very quickly, so if you start buying early you are more likely to get the best deals. The other one is that you have a better chance of getting your product shipped on time.
2. Websites and apps can help you compare prices so you don’t have to go store by store anymore. Apps like Shopkick or Shopular allows you to scan QR or bar codes to get discounts, compare prices, and obtain coupons.
3. Shop online. As we already said, because of COVID it is preferable to do your shopping online. Retailers are doing their best effort to encourage online shopping; therefore, in-store discounts will probably be smaller than the ones offered online. Most of them are also offering free shipping or delivery, that way you can buy from the comfort of your home without having extra expenses.
4. Pay attention to social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great way to find out about the promotions your favorite retailers are offering. Special rewards are often given to customers who follow retailers on social media, like alerts to the best discounts. Most of the time you will find precious information about the products and delivery possibilities through social media.
5. Embrace loyalty programs. These programs often allow you to have access to early sales and special coupons, at the same time you will earn rewards with every purchase.
6. Know the store policies. We recommend you to check on the store’s return policy, for retailers are being less kind in regards to this matter. Therefore, the number of days given to you in case you need to return the product you just bought may be what defines where you should buy. Another thing to take into consideration is the requirements the store demands when returning a product.

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