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Are you thinking of starting a hauling business in Phoenix Arizona? Good for you! A business venture such as this is extremely in demand these days, most especially in that state, thanks to the rising demand for products – especially those orders made online.


However you have to keep in mind that there is no shortcut to start a business. One needs to take risks and wisely choose when it comes to the type of business you need to pursue. Not only that – you also need to make sure you have the necessary permits, tools and equipment and of course, dedicated yet skilled staff to work with you.


If you’re thinking of putting up a business venture this year, consider starting a trucking company. With the economy booming, the need for delivery services to accommodate the demands makes it an excellent startup choice.


It is important to note that starting a trucking company is no easy task. It takes more than just knowing how to safely drive a truck or having someone experience to do the job for you, but being a good business owner yourself.


Here’s what you need to start a successful trucking company.


Start With A Business Plan

Never start a business without having a solid business plan. This will be the blueprint for your business. Make sure to create goals for the long-term and short-term and formulate strategies to reach your goals. Determine how you plan on funding your business, and whether or not you’ll need to get a loan or if you plan on teaming up with a business partner. However, it’s essential to consult a Phoenix Arizona business lawyer first before entering any contract to avoid any issues that may arise in the future.

Licenses and Permits

Like any other businesses, trucking companies need to acquire special permits and licenses to operate legally, consult your Phoenix Arizona business lawyer for more information. There are certain taxes you need to pay. Your truck drivers also need to obtain a license to drive your trucks. Make sure to do your research to ensure you have everything settled before starting your operation.


There are licenses and permits you need to secure before starting your trucking company. Do your research and ask around on what type of permits, licenses and forms you need and keep updated always to avoid business interruptions.




As a startup trucking business, it would be better to focus on a single niche for now before expanding and accommodating ways on how clients can utilise your services.


The type of trucks you will need to have will depend on the type of industry you wish to cater to. The following are some of the popular trucking niches you can choose from.


  • Mall Delivery
  • Moving/Removalist
  • Building Supplies Haulage
  • Courier Service
  • Delivery Van
  • Dump Truck
  • Towing Service
  • Truck Leasing

Heavy Duty Tarps

A good trucking business owner knows he needs high-quality and cheap heavy duty tarps for his company. It also provides extra protection for your load against harsh weather conditions. This is especially important when transporting fragile goods from one place to another.

What To Look For When Choosing Heavy Duty Tarps

What you need are tarpaulins that are extra durable, easy to maintain, and have high UV resistant. This way, you can protect your load against dust, heavy rains and intense heat.

How To Find a Good Heavy Duty Tarp Supplier

When looking for suppliers of heavy duty tarps, Make sure they have their license and permits. They need to have good reviews and offer high-quality heavy duty truck tarps. Look for one who offers a wide variety of products such as heavy duty vinyl tarp and heavy duty vinyl tarp. Dependable delivery time, as well as excellent customer service, is also a must.

Fuel Cards

Every trucking business can benefit from fuel cards. Since fuel is one of our most significant expenses, the discounts you can get can significantly help cut some costs. Fuel cards let you control your fuel spending and is an effective way to monitor fuel transactions.

Competitive Rates

You’ll most likely not be the only one offering trucking services in your area. It pays to check how much your rival companies are charging their clients, as well as any packages or promos they may have. Know your all-in-cost per mile and make sure you have enough profit at the end of each transaction.


A company won’t thrive without a dedicated team to help you achieve your goals. It includes your truck drivers, customer support, company mechanic, dispatcher, safety director and, etc.


The best way to start making revenue is by introducing your brand online and offline. All advertising materials need to have your brand name, logo, services offered and contact details. Having an online presence can make a huge difference. Start with family, friends and acquaintances and build your network from there. Don’t forget about putting your business online by creating a website and social media pages to introduce your brand and reach more customers at a faster rate.



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Every business needs some insurance to help protect you, your workers, your properties and your business, in general. As a trucking company, some of the premiums you will need are General Liability, Auto Liability, Cargo Insurance and Auto Physical Damage Insurance.


Even trucking businesses need to have the right premium to keep you covered in times of needs. Check with a competent insurance agent to see what are the best types of insurance you need for your trucking business.

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