Business Uses of Facebook – 5 Tips For an Engaging FB Business Page

5 Tips For an Engaging FB Business Page

Facebook has been around for more than a decade now. It’s pretty evident that every social media user starts playing the social media games with Facebook. Well, we are sure that even you started using Facebook with the notion of social media utilization. It is obvious that with time, the number of social media users has increased significantly.

The best thing about Facebook is that it’s very easy to use. The users can easily look for their prospect pages. That’s because the number of users has increased and number of businesses are increasing as well. But the number of online businesses on Facebook has seen an unhindered spike, leading to saturated competition.

Given this high competition, some small online businesses have been struggling because they haven’t been able to captivate the target audience and their attention. The prime of this is inadequate following and engagement. So, if you need to increase the engagement rate on your Facebook business page, we have outlined top five tips in the article below. Have a look!

Bid Farewell To Personal Profile

A huge number of businesses and entrepreneurs have failed the Facebook business community because they chose to go after the personal life rather than creating the business page. This is a highly stressing point because with a business page, you can access some amazing tools.  Buy Facebook Likes The business pages provide free and paid promotional activities, along with content creation tools.

The business owners can access the analytics section, so they what needs improvement. The topping point of business page is because people can freely check out the page while with personal profiles, people will need to send a friend request to access the content. Also, the business page needs to ensure that there is no compromise on professionalism and it should resonate in content and page handling.

Page Roles

If you’ve a strong and extensive social media presence and business page on Facebook, there are high chances that you have hired a social media management team. In some cases, it has been seen that those managers post the personal content on business page or employer’s channel. This is the worst thing to happen to your Facebook business page.

So, you need to ensure there are no such mishaps. As a page owner of Facebook business, you need to create page roles, so they know what steps and roles you need to accomplish. Also, make sure that you have trained your staff to make valuable content, post it on the right time, and don’t compromise on the effectiveness. Last but not least, always ask them to revise the post content before publishing the content.

Profile Picture

Your business needs all the attention it deserves but you need to be acquainted enough to direct attention to your profile and business page. In this case, you need to upload the recognizable profile picture because it will be easy for the target audience to outline and identify. Buy Facebook photo likes If you are a personality, you need to upload the headshots.

On the other hand, if you are a brand and running a business through that page, you should always use your business logo as the profile picture. While choosing the profile picture, always keep in mind the Facebook’s standard dimensions, so it doesn’t cut the edges and parts of the logo.  As for now, the profile picture should be 128 x 128 pixels.

Cover Photo

So, you have gotten the profile picture straightened up, but for the Facebook business page, you need to look for a cover photo as well. The cover photo needs to be attractive because it takes up higher space dimensions on the top of the Facebook profile. The graphics should be high-quality and there needs to be zero compromises on the engagement. The cover photo dimensions should be 640 x 360 pixels for smartphone users.

Call-To-Action Button

The CTA button was first launched back in 2014, and ever since then, people have been gaining higher engagement rate from it. You can use the statements like, book now, sign up, watch the video. The best thing about this button is that it can be used to create a customized experience for the users. These buttons will ensure higher engagement and the number of visitors on website will increase as well.

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