Buying clothing online: tips for a perfect experience

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If you want to buy clothing online you can do it from Here are all the tips for enjoying an optimal online shopping experience!

Buy clothing online: find out how

Have you never bought clothing on the Internet, maybe some stacked sweatpants, but would like to start? You have all our support: buying online is generally convenient, fast and often allows you to save money.

And then, you know, online shopping can be therapeutic and relieve the stress of a bad day!

However, if you are inexperienced in this field, you probably need some advice that will allow you to do it in a satisfying and conscious way.

We therefore wanted to provide you with several useful tips in this regard: put them into practice immediately and buy clothing online in complete safety!

Where to buy clothing online?

The first questions that arise when it comes to shopping online generally concern the choice of the store. The first piece of advice we give you (not only with regard to clothing but, more generally, for all purchases on the web) is to rely on an ecommerce review site.

The second is to carefully read our guide to recognize scam eshops, which you can consult whenever you wish. By putting these tips into practice, you will be able to learn about customer experiences and avoid fraud.

Buying clothing online: how to find the right size

Size often represents a big obstacle for those who want to buy clothing on the web. You know, we don’t all have the same build. It also often happens that a size is perfect for one brand but too narrow / wide for another. What to do when you buy online and therefore you cannot try on a garment before payment?

It’s very simple: most of the fashion eshops provide customers with a size guide, in order to make it easier for them to choose the item.

Are you wondering where to find the Size Guide?

Well, this depends on ecommerce. In numerous cases you can find them for each item of clothing, usually below or above the size selection menu. On other sites there is a dedicated section on the top or bottom of the pages. And if you do not find these indications, you can always ask for help from the eshop customer service!

But what if, once you try it, an item of clothing purchased online is not suitable for you? Or if you really messed with the size? Read the next paragraph!

Buy clothing online: returns and refunds

Before concluding a purchase, we recommend that you read the eshop return conditions. If they are not declared you should not proceed with the payment: you could in fact run into a scam.

But how does the return service work?

Well, you should know that when you buy clothing online you can avail yourself of the right of withdrawal. You can exercise the clothing, for example a cropped puffer jacket, no later than 14 days from receipt of the goods and, if you have not damaged the item, receive a refund of the amount paid.

Attention: often this reimbursement is total of the shipping costs but in some cases the costs to return the package to the sender are at your expense!

Here are the main methods by which you can request a return:

– By filling out the appropriate form on the site and following the relevant instructions.

– By applying the return label on the package and following the return methods indicated in the Returns section of the eshop. Many stores send the return label directly together with the item, combining it with the instructions to proceed. In other cases you will have to print it instead.

– By contacting customer service.

Buying cheap clothes online: everything you need to know

It is possible that you want to buy clothes online to save money, and are looking for low cost clothing.

Here are the tips that will allow you to avoid many disappointments:

– Beware of counterfeit goods: if you buy them you could receive a penalty that currently ranges from 100 to 7,000 dollars.

– Watch out for the bargain prices on very expensive brands. In the best case you may receive “imitations”, in the worst you may not receive the order.

– Some low-priced clothing stores ship directly from China, so do not hope to receive the goods in a few days! On the contrary: it will probably take about 4-8 weeks. 


Today you could read all the tips that will allow you to consciously buy clothing online!

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