Can you download videos from YouTube with YouTube Vanced?

Can you download videos from YouTube with YouTube Vanced?

These days, your Smartphone is as much an entertainment hub as a communications device. You use it to do your online work, transact businesses, communicate with your loved ones, watch videos, and so on. The internet provides us with plenty of entertainment and various ways to share our thoughts and photos with everyone around us. Streaming videos is one of the most popular activities that you can do on your Smartphone. You can literally spend hours on your phone watching videos on a variety of topics, old and new.

It is for this reason that YouTube is so popular today. The app is the one-stop solution for video streaming. You can watch an unlimited number of videos on the app for free. It is a treasure trove that provides you videos on any subject imaginable. However, the official YouTube does not allow users to download any videos into your phone’s internal storage. This is a major problem for those who want to download videos and watch them later when there is no access to the internet.

Several third-party applications can help you resolve this problem, and the best among them is YouTube Vanced. In this article, you will learn how you can YouTube Vanced to download your favorite YouTube videos on your phone.

Downloading videos from the official YouTube App

One can easily resolve the issue of downloading videos from YouTube by using various android apps that can download videos and music. YouTube Vanced is one of the most popular apps for downloading YouTube videos and music directly into your phone’s internal storage. Now you can watch or listen to your favorite videos even when you do not have an internet connection.

YouTube Vanced will work smoothly on your Android phone and run efficiently. You will not see the app hang on your phone. With this app, you can easily download any music or video from YouTube on your phone. You can use your YouTube credentials to log into the app and sync all your playlists.

Essential information about YouTube Vanced

A group of professional developers made YouTube Vanced. They wanted to improve the functionality of the official YouTube app. The app is developed to tweak the official YouTube app in order to let people easily download their favorite videos and movies in high-quality graphics. You can even download 4K resolution videos with this app.

Perhaps the most crucial feature on YouTube Vance is its ad-blocking capability. Users get frustrated when watching videos on YouTube because there are so many advertisements on it. However, YouTube Vanced can help you to resolve this because it blocks all advertisements on YouTube. So now, you can watch your favorite videos and entertain yourself for hours without being bothered by ads.

Download with YouTube Vanced

As mentioned previously, YouTube Vanced will support downloads from YouTube in HD quality for both music and videos. It is really efficient and will let you download anything you want in a few seconds. You can even download your videos in an mp3 format to save more internet data. So you will not need to install any other converter application for converting the videos into mp3 formats. YouTube Vanced lets you directly do this and thus, saves your time.

Playback in the background

YouTube Vanced lets you play videos in the background. This is a crucial feature as it lets you enjoy music while you do something else on your phone or perhaps when you exercise. In the official YouTube app, you cannot have background playback for music and videos, and you will need to subscribe to YouTube Premium to get these features. But that is an expensive service. YouTube Vanced will provide this crucial feature for free. You can use other applications on your phone while listening to your YouTube videos in the background with zero interruption.

YouTube credentials for logging in

You can use your YouTube credentials for logging into your YouTube Vanced app and get all your playlists and subscriptions synced into the app. This will help you get all your favorite videos, and YouTube channels load into your new YouTube Vanced app. However, this is only an optional feature, and if you feel worried regarding your privacy when using the app, you need not log in. You can still download videos and watch them ad-free without logging in.

How should you install YouTube Vanced on your phone?

It is not difficult to install YouTube Vanced on your Android cell phone. You cannot download the app from the Google Play Store, but you can find the “apk” file on various internet forums and websites. You will only need to allow the permission to install apps from unknown sources, and then you can install the app and enjoy your videos and music from YouTube.

You do not need to root your phone for running YouTube Vanced, and you can directly do the installation through the APK file. Android phones will not have any issue with the app, and it will work quite smoothly. So, go ahead and download the app already. Of course, there have been some concerns with the app regarding its safety, but several developers have used the app and have concluded that it is safe for use on Android phones and will not infect it with any form of virus. So, you do not have to worry about using the app.


YouTube is an amazing application for people who like to watch videos on the internet. However, the app will not allow you to download videos onto your phone’s memory. You can use YouTube Vanced for this purpose and download your favorite videos and music from YouTube directly onto your phone. Additionally, you can play ad-free videos on the app, and it will also play videos and music in the background. YouTube Vanced is available at free of cost. You can download the app from different internet forums. Hopefully, the information will be useful to you.


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