Cannabis: all about the cannabis seeds and nutrition

Cannabis seeds come from the hemp plant or Cannabis Sativa L.

Every female plant of the cannabis genus, both industrial hemp and psychoactive varieties from Cannabis Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis and hybrids produce hemp seeds or cannabis seeds when fertilized by a male cannabis plant have been.


The cannabis seed is a simple dried fruit with hard skin, similar to sunflower seeds or sesame. They have a mild, nutty taste. The hemp seeds are one of the most versatile seeds and are not only used as food.

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Cannabis seeds history

Hemp has been and has been used to make fibre and textiles for 10,000 years or more. Now the hemp seeds are also peeled as organic food and sold ready to eat.

When it comes to consuming hemp seeds, they can be eaten raw, sprouted, or in powder form.


Cannabis seeds are also natural vegetable protein with a full amino acid profile. They are rich in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to their nutrient content, hemp seeds can easily be counted among superfoods.


Cannabis seeds do not contain cannabinoids

Let us make one thing clear in advance: none of the hemp seeds contain cannabinoids like THC or CBD, regardless of whether they come from a non-psychoactive variety such as industrial hemp or a psychoactive variety.


The intoxicating cannabinoids like THC only develop during the growth of the plant and are mainly present in the mature female flowers. Hemp seeds are not intoxicating and can be consumed without any problems.


In theory, however, there may be traces of cannabinoids on the hemp seed husk when cannabinoids get from the flower to the hemp seed husk when the seeds are harvested.


How to find and choose the right cannabis seeds?

To find the right cannabis seeds for you, you must, of course, know in advance what you want to use the cannabis seeds for. A rough distinction is made between hemp seeds as food, i.e. for consumption, and hemp seeds for the cultivation or breeding of hemp plants or cannabis plants.


Let’s take a look at the different types of cannabis seeds, which will help you differentiate between the different cannabis seeds and choose the right one for you.


What are the different types of cannabis seeds?

As already mentioned, all hemp seeds are the same in terms of appearance and content. But what differentiates them is their genetics or the plant that grows from them.


There are four categories of cannabis seeds, which are as follows:


  • Cannabis seeds that are intended for consumption

The hemp seeds that are intended for consumption or food production come from industrial hemp, which is specially grown for the production of cannabis seeds.


Both female and male hemp cannabis is grown, with the male plants pollinating the female flowers and the seeds in the flowers of the female hemp plant thereby developing.

These seeds are then sold raw or peeled in the shops and are relatively cheap to buy. Protein seeds or oil are also made from these seeds.


  • Regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds come from breeding the natural or paths of cannabis plants originate, which have a higher THC value or cannabinoid content (the seeds do not contain any cannabinoids only the plants).


In natural propagation or through breeding, when a male cannabis plant fertilizes the flowers of a female cannabis plant, seeds appear in the female flowers fertilized by the male pollen.

This type of cannabis seed is called “regular hemp seeds” because, unlike feminized or auto-flowering hemp seeds, they are “normal” and contain both male and female plants (50:50).


  • Feminized cannabis seeds

The highlight of these seeds, however, is that, unlike regular hemp seeds, they do not contain any male plants, so that only female plants grow from these seeds. This property makes feminized cannabis seeds very popular among cannabis growers.


  • Auto-flowering cannabis seeds

As the fourth and last of the cannabis seed types, we now come to the auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

The most important peculiarity of these seeds is that the resulting cannabis plants start to flower automatically, without this being triggered by the change in light. It means that these plants bloom outdoors in every season (spring, summer and winter), according to a genetically rooted schedule.


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