Car Accident Law: Do You Need an Attorney?

Minor or major, getting into a car accident is a jarring experience. The worrisome part if figuring out what to do after you’re involved in one.

If you have a driver’s license, it would be a smart thing to learn about car accident law.

Knowing accident law helps you protect yourself if you’re ever in a fender bender. You’ll understand your rights and what the law entitles you if you’re hurt. This works vice versa as well.

If you’re at fault, knowing what to do keeps you from getting taken advantage of.

Accident law is tricky and varies geographically. Whether you’re at fault for your accident or not, hiring an attorney may be essential. Continue reading to learn about car accident law.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident 

The most minor distractions can turn a responsible drive into a reckless one. If you’re ever in an accident, you need to know what immediate steps to take.

  • Pull over and collect yourself
  • Call 911 – if you don’t have a phone, ask someone to call for you
  • Make sure everyone is okay
  • Exchange insurance Information
  • Take lots of photos and get names and phone numbers of witnesses
  • Ask for a copy of the police report

While you’re performing these steps, remember to remain cordial. Emotions run high after an accident and people tend to argue and fight. Don’t do this.

Remain respectful, even if it’s not your fault, and gather the information you need.

When You Don’t Need an Attorney 

Not all car accidents end with the same results. Just because someone you know needed an accident attorney doesn’t mean you’ll need one.

For a large number of accidents, insurance companies do well settling issues between drivers. Yes, legal commercials and ads inundate the television, painting insurance companies in a bad light.

Please know that not all insurance companies aren’t out to get or mistreat you.

Here are some instances that don’t require an attorney:

  • No injuries involved
  • No people involved – a car rolled down a hill and hit yours
  • No one wants payment for their loses because there’s no significant damage done to either vehicle
  • Both parties have excellent insurance
  • The accident was your fault

In cases like these, hiring an attorney is not always a good idea. Consider your situation and contact legal guidance only if you need it.

When to Hire an Attorney 

There are situations when the results of a car accident require more help than an insurance company can provide.

When these situations happen, you need to know when to hire an attorney.

  1. The accident WAS NOT your fault
  2. The other driver doesn’t carry insurance
  3. You were the injured party
  4. You were the at-fault driver
  5. You’re getting sued

Getting compensation for an accident requires an attorney’s help. If you’re getting sued by the other driver, don’t represent yourself. Retain a competent reliable attorney like Sweet James to represent you.

Car Accident Law – Stay Informed

Car accident law is a tricky chapter and can throw you for a loop when you don’t know what to do. Assess your situation and call only when you need consultation.

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