Car Breakdown Emergency: All You Need to Know About Car Care 

Every morning you check the fuel, brake, and dust before rolling on the road. Do you check how much damage your insurance covers for the car? If the answer is no, then it is bad news for you that every year 450,000 cars break down on the road and due to invalid insurance coverage, most of them get auctioned on a cheaper rate. Though if you are looking for a reconditioned car within budget, this is good news. To stay out of the risk, you can claim accident and roadside assistance assurance from your insurer.

Requirements of Roadside Assistance


If a battery dies in the middle of the road, you need emergency car assistance to boost charge and keep it going.

Flat Tyre 

This one is worse than tyre puncture. You can’t change and roll. Instead, wait for assistance to reinflate.

Puncture (No Spare) 

This case is of sheer ignorance. But once punctured in areas that you don’t know pretty well, call your roadside assistance service. 

If you get locked outside, they’ll help you to get in. Also, there can be electrical friction, charging problems, Ignition, cooling, heating problems, and so on.

Why Do You Need a Roadside assurance 

Complete Breakdown

Sometimes you can manage the issues as mentioned above. In case you are a pro driver or careful person. But not in here. You’ll need to tow your car or van to a well-equipped restoration house and do the needful. Most insurance companies do not cover both sites of damage control.

So in such cases, call your registered assistance service, and they’ll arrive with a towing machine and do the necessary. In times they help with emergency diagnosis and improvisation of situations.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before choosing roadside assistance, be sure of their services and shortcomings. Like, some of the companies may only offer 15km of towing service per booking. A few companies offer emergency assistance for the guarantee period. Be sure of it during the deal. 

Some assistance companies, like 1st Vehicle Rescue and Recovery service, offer to buy your scrap. Later on, they restore, upgrade, and auction it on the open market. These companies are a great deal. 

Maintenance Tips 

Prevention is always better than cure. So take care of your car to reduce the tune-up dependency. Let’s know about some things you must do for regular car maintenance.

Check the Tires Regularly

The tyre pressure. It is crucial because a flat/ imbalanced tire pressure can be a significant hazard. Flipping upside down during a sharp turn is the most common one of the cases.

Change Car Food 

It means the car oil. Change your car fuel every month, as stated in the manual. You can do it all by yourself, or take it to the maintenance centre. Changing oil keeps your engine smooth, fine-tuned, and prevents overheating.

Check Air Filter 

A damaged air filter may pollute the engine and cause a sudden breakdown, reduced efficacy, and more.


You don’t want to drive towards a truck with a dying light in a foggy night. Do you? No one does either. So to keep you and others safe, check and update indicator lights when needed.


Last but not least, this step is essential because your exterior comes in contact with everything, From dirt to ice and scorching heat. So wash it regularly with a paint friendly washing liquid. 

Every day one pedestrian is injured every 8 minutes by cars. Over 37000 people die of car accidents. Lives are important. Be careful with your car and the assistance service you choose for it. 


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