Challenges Faced By Android App Development Vs Custom App Development

Digital presence is a must for every business. This helps your business to stay competitive and reach more and more customers. But, in this aspect, it becomes very important to choose the right platform based on which you can establish your business.t

This helps in the long term success of your business in the extremely competitive market. Nowadays, the usage of mobile apps is increasing as more and more people are spending more than 3 hours per day on their mobile.

The Android OS of Google has also evolved gradually. Also, this Android OS contributes to providing a broader audience reach specifically to your business and thereby leading to a steady revenue.

If you are all set to build your very first app, but you are not aware of the challenges that are experienced by the custom app development and android app development, then you should get a brief idea regarding this aspect.

Although there are several advantages associated with android development, both custom and android app development come with many hurdles.

In this section, you will get to know about the challenges that are faced by custom and android app development, based on which, you can make your decision whether you need to hire an android mobile app development company or not.

About Android App Builders

Talking about the android app builders, these are considered to be the software with the help of which you would be able to create your app without any technical skills. If you do not know coding skills, then the android app builders can be very helpful for you.

Just, you need to choose an Android app maker, create a prototype and thereby, download and generate your particular app and publish that on Google Play. So, the Android app builders help to save your time and money while you opt for Android apps.

Challenges Faced By The Android App Builders

The Android app builders also come with several challenges due to which most of the businesses do not prefer this while opting for apps. Below are mentioned some of the most common challenges that the android app makes usually face:

  •         Layout Or Template Design

While you make use of an Android app builder for creating a mobile app, you are provided with a sample design. You do not have the option to change this particular design. Although, you get the opportunity to partially change the design in some of the builders.

But, in most cases, the design cannot be changed. In case, you have selected a particular template design and you do not like the ultimate result, then it is better to start from scratch by opting for the best android app developers for hire. So, the android builders lack flexibility.

  •         No Possibility Of Editing Code And Structure

You would not be able to change the code and structure in the android app builders. This is specifically because of the limited availability of templates which varies from a certain app builder to another.

In case you need modifications in your app, then you would not be able to do so. As a result, it is best to hire an android mobile app development company that can manage everything for you.

A similar thing applies to the content of the app. You would be able to use advanced features in the app builders only by opting for subscription plans.

  •         Very Limited Features

Whenever you select an Android app builder, you are restricted to using only the already built features. This indicates that you would not be able to integrate as many of the features that are demanded by your app.

The app builder would not allow you for this. As a result, access to integrations or features will be very limited with this.

  •         Difficulties In Extension

You will always come across certain restrictions with the Android app builders. So, it does not possess the complete capabilities to develop non-standard functions or integrate with third party services.

Also, you would be able to implement and connect only the functionalities and features of the platform. But, you are not allowed to do anything more than that.

  •         Extra Charges

A lot of the android app builders are free to use but come with some hidden charges. This can be a major drawback of the android app builders that you should know about.

  •         Security Issues

Whenever you make use of app builders, you do not know what software they are built on. So, there is the involvement of a third party that can put any of your confidential information related to the customers’ app ideas at risk.

About Custom Android App Development

Custom android app development is all about creating a tailor-made app that contributes to effectively fulfill all your business needs. To make these apps, you should hire the best android mobile app development company.

They will do thorough market research for understanding and assessing your business for building a mobile app that contributes to your business growth.

Challenges Faced By The Custom Android App Development

There are also some drawbacks of this custom Android app development that you should know about such as:

  •         Costlier Option

Custom android app development is considered to be extensive and this is the main reason why this is costlier when compared to the app builders. This involves ideation, research, time, resources, complexity, custom features, etc.

You should always be ready with a proper budget, in case you are all set to invest in developing a custom Android app.

  •         Copyright Issues

Google Play Store usually takes very little time checking and also accepting apps. This indicates that you can consider releasing the MVP version. But, Google does not conduct a thorough patent or any sorts of copyright infringement checks.

This means that you will suffer from issues related to copyright infringement if you unknowingly post any app that includes any already included content or features.

  •         Device Fragmentation

Google shares a very long list of Android devices with the corresponding resolutions and dimensions in the official documentation.

As a result, the product owners either consider limiting the number of the supported systems and devices to manageable lower or maximum the app quality for overcoming the device fragmentation issues.

Final Words

So, it is evident from the above section that the Android app builders help you to create an Android app in very little time and by spending less amount of money. The custom android app development usually comes with more specialized services.

The features, app quality, and overall user experience are not comparable to the custom android app. Again, to survive the huge competition, you should always opt for a scalable, reliable, and best-performing custom android app.

Therefore, after knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of both of these options, you can select either of these options based on your unique needs.