Challenges of temporary recruitment agencies and solutions in recruitment software

Temporary recruitment agencies work hard to provide suitable applicants for their clients. They do their best to provide quick and quality service to all the businesses who rely on them. But like permanent recruitment agencies, temp agencies have their own set of problems to deal with.

Two huge problems common across all temporary recruitment agencies are candidate management and applicant dishonesty. Can temporary recruitment agency software help you get past these challenges?

  • Building and managing a large enough talent pool

Temp recruitment agencies pride themselves on their large ready-to-work pool of talented workers. Various companies depend on temp workers to make up their workforce. This makes it important for recruitment companies to have a wide range of job seekers looking for temporary jobs. But building a network of skilled job seekers is not exactly easy. Social media can help identify and pick potential candidates. Recruiters can use recruitment CRM software to select prospective applicants and link their social media account to the software.

Candidate management becomes less complicated with the use of CRM recruitment solution. Candidate visibility simplifies a temp recruiter’s work to a large degree. The software lets you see which candidate is suitable for a job, how many of the client’s requirements they meet, their availability, their right to work, etc. Keeping tabs on active and inactive candidates is effortless.

It also handles GDPR compliance standards instinctively and deals with the problem of data duplication. Temps software is also helpful in managing in the upcoming rules regarding IR35 for recruiters.

  • Controlling candidate dishonesty

Ideally, all candidates at temp recruitment agencies are honest about their skills and limitations. That way, a recruiter can match them to their perfect job, however, short term.

An administrator should know how to type and work an Excel sheet to raise invoices and track budget. A telesales person should be experienced enough to deal with difficult customers. However, recruiters often find that applicants have enough inflated their skills and knowledge.

Clients are placing their trust and their money on the agency to find a suitable person for the role. Sending less than qualified candidates out to clients is never a good sign. If this happens more than a few times, it can ruin the relationship between client and agency.

Avoid this situation by getting a recruitment software with skills testing features integrated into it. Skills tests are a way to appraise a candidate’s skills. Do they meet the basic requirements of the job? There are various skills tests available from literacy and numeracy tests, psychometric tests, to online driving assessments, and data entry and typing, among others.

These tests don’t take long to complete so serious candidates will not be aggravated. The results can be accessed immediately cutting short the decision-making time. Basically, this feature helps draw in the serious and talented candidates.


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