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NBC’s Champions is a 2018 comedy series created by Mindy Kaling and Charlie Grandy. It’s a coming-of-age tale about a young boy, Michael, who is meeting his dad for the first time in 15 years. With a real talent for theater, Michael’s best chance to succeed was to live with his father, Vince, who lives in New York.

Although the series only lasted one season, it’s easy to see why diehard fans are obsessed with it: Michael. Michael is insanely witty and pop-culture-obsessed (just like Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project). He’s a real star without a Tony. Keep reading to check out 10 of Michael’s best quotes from series.

10 “I’m Tired Of Being Cooped Up In Here Like Belle, Or Tangled, Or Sleeping Beauty… Damn Disney, You Lock Up More Women Than The Taliban.”

I’m the second episode (“I Think I’m Gonna Tolerate It Here”), Michael’s dad Vince owns a gym called Champions, and has yet to tell his staff that he has a child (among other business things). Being new to New York and meeting his dad for the first time, Michael shouldn’t have been kept in the dark by his father but it’s part of their journey. He compares his time being cooped up to our favorite Disney princesses.
Meanwhile, Vince learns that Michael doesn’t know how to pick up after himself, and has been totally spoiled by his mom.
9 “I’m Sorry, But No One’s Been So Dialed Into My Essence Before.”

In the fourth episode, viewers learn that Priya (Michael’s mom) has a brother (Ro) who also lives in New York City.

Ro just happens to be insanely successful and mega-rich. He has connections all over the city, and takes Michael to see Mean Girls on Broadway, to which Michael said this hilarious line about being so in sync with his uncle.

8 “Swim Team? I Can’t Wear Goggles, It’s Impossible To Give Side-Eye.”

I’m the fifth episode, Vince and Matthew want to take Michael on a camping trip. The two men encourage Michael to bring a friend along to make it fun, but there’s one problem: Michael doesn’t have any friends. This sets him off to find some friends at his new school and luckily for him, he succeeds. But Vince doesn’t approve of his son’s new pals, expressing that Michael needs to be friends with the “jocks” (like those on the swim team) or popular kids instead.
7 “Don’t Speak? Toxic? So Far You’re Just Listing Amazing Female Anthems. Now I Have To Meet Her.”

In the episode “Grandma Dearest,” Vince and Matthew are inspired to reconnect with their cold and distant mother after Michael questions them about his grandparents.

Vince refers to her as the worst mother who Michael would be better off not knowing her. However, Vince he coincidentally describes her in song titles, which Michael picks up on, and intrigues him all the more.

6 “Please, I Love Difficult Women. The Theme For My 10th Birthday Was Kim Cattrall.”

In the same episode where Vince and Matthew reconnect with their mother, the two men also ask Michael to help them with their gym’s website. The site is dated and could certainly use a makeover by someone who actually know what they’re doing.
When Michael is about to ask a gym member to leave a review for the website, he’s warned that she’s a rather difficult and negative client, to which Michael seemed elated.
5 “A Little High? My Hopes Live In A Castle On A Cloud. My Mother Has Told Me I’m Amazing Since The Day I Was Born And I Refuse To Think Otherwise.”

In the eighth episode, Michael’s screenplay was chosen for the freshman class to perform. Now as a director, his hopes and dreams for the show prove to be above and beyond what most 15-year-olds find possible. Vince tries to get Michael off his high horse, but who is he kidding? It’s Michael! His hopes live in the clouds! A teen with such confidence is rarely seen on TV. Michael was truly a breath of fresh air.

4 “Do I Thank My Friends Or Do I Gloat To My Enemies? Do I Wear A Polka Dot Ribbon For Acne Awareness?”

As Michael is preparing for the opening night of his play, he’s required to give a “thank you” speech prior to the play starting. He has a case of writers’ block, so his dad tries helping him out. But what is Michael to do? Thank his family or show off to his enemies? When it’as finally showtime, Michael actually gives an endearing speech, thanking his parents for their dedication.
3 “…No. It’s Good. I Mean, It Doesn’t Really Help My ‘Ohio Farm Boy Straight To Broadway Legend Story,’ So Don’t Be Upset If I’m Forced To Omit You From My Biography Story.”

Michael is always searching for greatness. He’s young, but he knows what he wants, and gets out there and does it. He’s so sure of himself that he’s already preparing for his future biography when he makes it big. Funny enough, he thinks it sounds better if he came straight from the farms of Ohio and makes it big in New York City’s streets — instead of saying he lived with his father and uncle in Brooklyn and had their help.

2 “Serve Me Blackened Tilapia, Honey! From The Top!

In the ninth episode, we see Michael directing his play. At this point, he is in full-on director mode, and is expecting nothing less than perfection. He screams at his cast to “serve” him “blackened tilapia” during a fire scene, and it’s puzzling how no one else giggled on set. Sadly for Michael, it’s here that he finds out his mother’s secret intentions of transferring back to Cleveland.
1 “I’m Going To Speak To Him Face To Face — Like An Old Movie.”

In the final episode of Champions, Michael wants to confront his crush and ask him why he’s being so cold after not responding to his text message. After complaining about it, Vince asks if he’s going to write him a letter to express how he’s feeling. But let’s be real, Michael needs answers. He tells his dad he’s going to talk to him face to face, like in an “old movie.” It seems that we’re now at the point where any movies without cell phones are considered “old.”
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