Change Your Life: Train Up Your Mind To Be Positive

There is a famous incident going viral on social media. Once some doctors ran a test on two groups of people. They informed the groups that one group would receive a dose of very toxic poison, and another will receive distilled water only. The doctors were trying to see the effect. But the twist is, doctors were not checking the impact of the toxins. But the mental result of the events on a person. So, they pushed distilled water to both the groups but didn’t inform any. Soon after injecting the group which knew that they are getting poison started showing signs of toxicosis like Vomiting, breathlessness, and pain. What does this event mean to you? It implies a mindset is everything. A positive attitude can lead you to the highest of mental satisfaction and achievement, where the negative mindset is will make suffer worse than the poison. But personal development to grow a positive attitude is not something you achieve overnight. It requires compassion, trial, and immense patience. Identifying practical ways of a positive mindset and making them small habits will help you with the process. Here in this article, we will be discussing some life-changing personal development ideas. 

Positive Mind Hacks 

The morning shows the day. Starting a day in a positive manner and with minimum expectation will help you to go through the day. The best way is not to make a fixed routine that you can follow every day. Because routine-less, haphazard works start the worst upcoming event series. A little exercise before starting the day is always right. It clears up your mind. Also releases the happy chemicals in the blood to keep you motivated for the day. A healthy body is the bigger drive to a positive sense. A positive state of mind means a condition of not being envious and upset to anybody. Letting go is the main element of personal development. So always keep a better attitude to everyone. A word of compassion can make one’s day Vetter. Where a bitter comment is can destroy relationships of ages. So watch out before speaking. Always stick to the rule of not talking if you can’t bring any good.

The dervishes and religious gurus are practicing patience since ages. This capability made them sustain through any situation and hardship. Some of us have very fragile mental makeup. Small things affect our daily activity very profoundly. Practicing yoga or any such mind-calming exercise or work can improve our mind. Math, music, poetry, and such art forms are best to develop a positive sense. Not only enhancing patience but also these activities will help you to find beauty among small things and event. Eventually, you will get to know that it does not take much to be content.

Appreciate yourself for taking the journey and celebrate small victories. Every time you will not win the battle against your mind, pain, and negative thoughts. But when you do make sure you feel the pleasure deep inside. So, gift yourself with a pat on the back or cup of cappuccino with extra sugar. 

It will give you the motivation to take upon bigger and tougher challenges.


Building a positive mind is not a destination. It is a continuous journey of a lifetime. Being positive does not mean looking over your flaws or stop trying for better. Mind positivity implies the ability to welcome everything that life offers you and make the better out of it. So love yourself and work every day to wake up with a newer and better version of yourself. In this journey, you will also motivate others which are spreading good vibes all over.

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