Choose hats by knowing the ones that go best with your face shape

Choose hats by knowing the ones that go best with your face shape

To experiment with various hats, you must be confident about yourself and accept the fact that your face is one of its kind and unique. Being able to wear any hat with confidence will make you the best looking person in the room. Never allow anyone to prevail upon your style that is your own, and wear hats with a smile so that you will never be disappointed. Hats have dual functionality because you can use them to ensure that people take notice of you, and if needed, you can use the hat to hide your face from people by wearing it at a particular angle.

How many types of hats you can wear depends on your face’s shape. Barring the oval shape of the face, all other face shapes limit the options of wearing all kinds of hat styles. Almost any type of hat, straw hats, will work well with oval-shaped faces. However, it is not enough to know your face shape and structure. More important is to understand how you can use it to your advantage so that you can experiment with styles that are usually harder to pull off, like the notoriously difficult flat cap or the bucket hat, as each one offers distinct but varying styles.

Hats that shine with oval faces

Those who have an oval-shaped face that is highly proportional can consider themselves very lucky because so much versatile is the shape that it suits any hat style.  However, it does not mean that you can put on any hat by closing your eyes because despite the versatility of oval faces, sometimes the shape might appear a bit long. Although it is a matter of perception of viewers whether they see it that way, it is better to avoid something like cowboy hats with tall crowns as it is likely to make your face look even longer. Instead, bucket caps and flat caps like those you find at are the most befitting hats for oval faces.

Fedora and Trilby hats for round faces

To complement the softness of a round face, the best-looking hats with sharp and defined angles provide some contrast. Fedora and Trilby hats share many similarities because of the angular design elements that lend a specific style to the hats. Moreover, wearing it with a slight tilt will only accentuate the appeal of the most popular hats that suit both men and women.  Although there is a false notion that fedoras have close connections to hipsters, the fact remains that the hat of their choice is a trilby with a bowl top, smaller brim, and pinched creases. Keep aside these stereotypes and believe in your round face shape to try out any hat types.

Cowboy hats and boater hats are best for heart-shaped faces

Cowboy hats with tall crowns are most befitting for heart-shaped faces, just as much good it is for boater hats. These hats with small or medium brim play ideal foil by deviating the attention from the width of the forehead.  Although these styles might make you look like wearing some costume that seems too much imposed, choose some variations of these styles meant for city adaption but capable of highlighting your bone structure. To balance the width of the forehead, a classic baseball cap is also excellent.

Wide brim fedoras and Panama hats for pear-shaped faces

Pear-shaped faces are pretty versatile in adapting different hat styles, and those concerned with their too much prominent jawline should keep away from narrow brimmed hats and instead choose one with a much wider brim that nicely balances with the shoulders. Medium brimmed Panama hats with a small brown or fedoras with a wide brim will look lovely on pear-shaped faces.

Beanie, outback for diamond-shaped faces

Those with a diamond-shaped face must be as attentive to the hat style as to how they wear the hat, especially if they have a narrow forehead.  A Beanie allows finer adjustment in fitting the hat by sliding it backward or forward or an Outback hat with a malleable brim that overhangs in the front to conceal the forehead while highlighting the cheekbones.

Fisherman caps and Newsboy hat suit square faces

To neutralize the sharp angles of a square face, choose a little less structured hat with soft edges and curves. For example, a newsboy hat with some excess volume of fabric at the top and a curved slope slanting towards the face complements the face shape perfectly. The same happens with fisherman caps that highlight strong facial features.

Dad hat and Western hat for oblong faces

To stunt the elongation of oblong faces, choose a hat that sits low on the forehead. Western-inspired hat styles like the Stetson and the quintessential Dad hat can effectively cover the forehead while keeping the height under control.

In addition to the face shape, consider your body type for choosing the best hats.

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