Choosing the Right Body Wave For Your Hair Piece

Choosing the correct body wave or curl pattern for your system can be very confusing, especially if you are trying to order a hair system without the help of a hairdressing professional. In general, we all have a certain amount of waviness or movement in our hair. There are exceptions, of course, but those with straight hair know who they are, and the choice becomes easy. For the rest of us, it can be a great question.

If you have considerably straight hair, but your hair becomes a little wavy in humid conditions or has some bounce when air-dried, you will generally fall into the “Body Wave” or “Natural Wave” category. This is a safe bet for most people, as it gives the hair user the option of smooth, natural movement or the ability to reshape the hair with the use of thermal styling tools such as hair dryers and hot irons. Once you start to see your hair as having “curls,” it becomes more difficult to make up your mind.

If you have a defined curl in your hair, there are two ways to get a good idea of ​​the required curl pattern. The first and easiest is to simply cut a full curl, tape it onto a sheet of paper or an index card, and ship it along with your order. Usually, the person editing your hair order will be able to determine the required curl size for your hair system. The other way is to have someone take a ruler or tape measure and take a measurement of the inside of a curl and record the measurement; the technician taking care of your order can convert this to the centimeter size that the factory would need to use to create—the curl required for your particular order.

When you want to have a hair extension, you can choose to have human, synthetic or artificial styles. To enhance your appearance, you have the option of making the best hair weave styles you want. Consider the texture and cost of fabric before deciding to buy it.

To obtain the best fabric, it is advisable to check its quality, making sure that it does not come off. What one should consider is opting for the style that will give you that desired look and at the same time allow your natural hair to grow out. There are several styles of extension. These include human and synthetic hair. These can feature curly hair, bonded hair, and fusion hair weaves. Here are tips when choosing the style you want.

  • To have a united style, it is necessary to fix the strands to the existing hair with special adhesive glues. With this style, it is advisable to be careful not to damage natural hair.
  • Having a human hair design would give it a more natural look as it comes from real human hair. Getting a hair extension that matches the texture and color of the hair can be a bit choppy.
  • For a curly style, it is necessary to fix braided curly hair extensions to natural hair. You may need to maintain them well to get that gorgeous look.
  • For a synthetic one, you must use deformed artificial hair to achieve the desired look. You fix it on your existing one for a different look.
  • Fusion weave is where one partitions the hair and then fixes this extension with hot wax to the natural strands.

For the hair weave style you choose, consider the effects it will have on your normal hair. If you still value curly hair weave  your natural locks, then you should consider the method that damages them the least. 

Lastly, before considering the weave style you want to have, it would be wise to consider the type of hair you want, how to maintain it, how you want it to be arranged, whether it is fused or stitched, how much money you want to spend, and how it will be extra applied hair.

You have made the decision to use hair extensions to enhance your appearance, you have the option of choosing the style that best suits your needs. For all women of fashion, it is easy to look like a celebrity anytime you want without a lot of the hustle and bustle. If you love to look attractive water wave hair and forget about the natural hair that you fear, you can go for hair extensions. You can even look as beautiful and natural as you want. The only wise decision you need to make is choosing the best hair weave styles for the style you want.

You can make a leave-in conditioner at home by diluting the conditioner (10%) with water (90%). Apply the mixture lightly on your hair and brush the hair from the tip to the top close to the scalp. Although it’s important to apply leave-in conditioners to prevent hair from drying out, it’s important to keep your hair clean by washing it twice a week, so it doesn’t build up.

It would be advisable NOT TO DYE, COLOR, STAY OR DO ANY EXTRA CHEMICAL PROCESS because it has already been treated. Be very careful with blonde hair and other light colors.

Please check the hair before use. Make sure the texture, color, length, and quality of the hair are what you want. We will not responsible for the hair if it is not in its original condition. For WET & WAVE hair like French Refined and European Wave, you can test the curl by dampening a small portion of the rest. Lay the hair on a desk, remove a small portion of the rest, spray a little water and let it soak for about 15 seconds. Hold the top of the hair while on the desk and gently brush the wet part from the bottom and watch it flutter. Dry it with a towel and squeeze it to curl more.


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