Christmas Celebration During Covid Times


Some of you might already have begun to feel that festive feel with the onset of December, winters in India, spreading Christmassy vibes all over the country. You must be excited about the conifer tree decoration to the preparation of parties and conveying sweet wishes to your peers. Now that the world is fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us might be quarantining, social distancing, and taking several precautions. We want you to be safe and sound this festive season like always. We know the festive season is here and you are restricted to the safety measures of social distancing when the festive calls for a get together.

You might be doubting how can social distancing helps in the celebration of the auspicious day and what about invitations and get together? Kudos to you if you are buzzed with all these questions as we will be answering all your dilemma here. We have brought some fantastic Christmas celebration ideas that you can enjoy even during the Covid times. We bet the given ideas will help you to get a new experience and make your celebration more fun filling like never before.


We know the importance of you and your peer’s health safety so why not celebrate this Christmas virtually? This year virtual parties are so in and are the easiest and safest way to celebrate any event. Several apps help in organizing video calls. You can experience the video conference platform and include all your holiday theme. A virtual party does not mean that you do not need to decorate your space. Decorate your party space with amazing Christmas decorations ideas. In addition, you can also order or shop online for some Christmas gifts for special people, and deliver them to their address.


How can a Christmas decoration be complete without a Santa! Like every year, we know this year a real Santa Clause won’t be stopping at your door. How about virtual Santa? This can be one of the great ideas to excite children as they expect more during Christmas from Santa. You get several online options that provide virtual Santa services. Just research and get the best deal of your choice. You need to be able to be sure about anything delivered to your house on time whoever is assigned to send the gifts from Santa.


The chilling vibes of the festive season might have given you the thoughts of the kind of Christmas home decoration you want for yourself. While you might also be upset that you won’t be able to hang around with your friends this year. Blessed are those who are together with their families this Christmas. Why let go of the festive dull due to the pandemic. You have your space to decorate then why not decorate it the way you want. Decorate your Christmas tree with Christmas ornaments such as Christmas stockings, Christmas wreaths, Christmas Garland, tree skirts, stars, fairy lights, and much more amazing, and add some balloons to make the ambiance more festive. You can shop at a party shop or get it Christmas decoration online as well.


The festive season is yet to arrive and still, you have lots of time to discuss and decide what kind of goodies you want to gift to your peers and relatives. Due to the pandemic, we recommend you to get the goodies delivered a bit earlier as the delivery services during the festive season might cause some delay. You can send your remote colleagues’ goodie boxes before the virtual party. Also, you can add some gift cards of online subscription services, photo props for the virtual party, some holiday accessories, cookies, and candies. 


When it is time for a party, every special event is incomplete without it. Real parties have a good music system with virtual parties where you can gather together and create a sound track together. You can make a list of music of your choice and enjoy the evening in the virtual Christmas party with your loved ones.


Party games for a virtual party are fun games. You can host some competitions and challenges during the party. These games aim to be optimized for video calls and have the theme of the holiday. You can play an online game together or some amazing truth or dare challenging games too. No matter what game you host, make sure to enjoy every moment together.


One of the crucial elements of any seasonal gathering or time for celebration is the Food. Just because your friends, relatives, and colleagues won’t be able to enjoy the buffet together does not mean you can not feed them during an online bash. You can reimburse a treat to them by delivering food to them. Get an assorted meal kit for yourself and them so that you can enjoy the mealtime together. 


You got us right! A virtual Christmas cracker! The crackers will be including personal message customized by the sender. Send the cracker to each person who is supposed to join the virtual party, ask them to crack them, and share the joke. This going to be fun to be celebrated together. 


To add excitement and happiness to the day, ask your virtual guests to wear something festive during the party. It can be a color-coordinated dress code or something festive such as a hat, Christmas t-shirt, ugly christmas sweater, jewelry, or even a Santa suit! To add fun, you can also have virtual prizes as an award for the one who dresses best on the day. This is going to be real fun for sure.

So, there you have it all to make your holiday full of enjoyment and happiness and some ideas for cheap Christmas decorations. Hosting a virtual party is always fun and this year will be something different and memorable too. Get the planning for the virtual celebration done earlier as you are getting a chance to pay tribute to build an amazing relationship with your friends and families the year ahead. Have a blast Christmas together!

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