Congrats—You Just Hired Someone! Here’s Our New Employee Checklist

Congrats—You Just Hired Someone! Here's Our New Employee Checklist

You’re about to bring someone new on to your team. Congratulations!

It’s vital to make this transition easy and positive. Why? The relationship that a new employee develops with the company starts on the first day.

When you provide a good welcome for your new employee, you’ll also minimize the risk of them leaving and spreading negativity about your company.

There’s a handy strategy to make the transition for the new hire as smooth as possible: a new employee checklist. It helps you properly welcome not just one, but every new employee that arrives. It also makes sure you have everything covered, from necessities to nice-to-have.

In this article, you’ll learn about employee onboarding and get a new employee checklist to help smooth out the process. Keep reading!

Your New Employee Checklist for Onboarding

There’s a lot to consider when you welcome a new team member. If you have a good process, you can minimize stress and show that your human resources team is at the top of the game.

A good checklist does not need to take months to create. We’ve already set up the skeleton for you. To make it easier to plan, we’ve also split up your list into before, during, and after your new employee arrives.

Before the Employee Arrives

  • Send the employment contract
  • Send a new employee welcome letter
  • Provide details about the first day
  • Order any necessary equipment/supplies
  • Inform existing employees

Hint: Use a professional template to offer your new welcome letter. There are plenty of possible great services out there such as

The Employee’s First Day 

  • Assign an onboarding buddy
  • Prepare workspace
  • Set up account and logins
  • Share the employee handbook
  • Create a plan for the first week
  • Lead an employee orientation
  • Introduce team members

After the Employee Arrives 

  • Encourage the employee to send introduction messages
  • Socialize with immediate team
  • Review company policies
  • Assign required reading/training
  • Check in with the employee every day for a week
  • Set up weekly one-on-ones with the manager
  • Review progress

Create Happy and Productive Employees

When companies hire new employees, it’s in their best interest to also keep the new employees. This process also begins when you start looking for a new employee to hire.

Find someone that is:

  • Legally hireable
  • Has a personality that fits the team
  • Has a passion for the job
  • Is responsive with replies
  • Can be professional

It’s not only important to have the nitty-gritty details down (like contracts, logins, probation periods) but to also encourage and support your new employee. You can do this by making sure he or she knows who to contact for questions, celebrating small milestones, and encouraging existing team members to be socially-inclusive. 

Final Thoughts on Employee Onboarding

The relationship between a company and an employee is a two-way street. It’s not only up to you to find the right person but also to help keep them satisfied.

Did you find this new employee checklist useful? For more interesting and informative articles about how to run your business, check out our blog!

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