Consolidate and control your subscription spending for your startup

Consolidate and control your subscription spending for your startup

Consolidate what you can:

The startups may get their start through funding from multiple sources. Here, the Research-based on data of the fastest-growing companies in America showed that over half had financed through a bank loan. At the same time, other primary sources included credit cards and angel investors. Thus, there are ongoing requirements, repayments to the creditors, and the threat of penalties for missed payments with each debt.

Managing just one source of funding is challenging enough, let alone dealing with the multiple streams. Burdening the startup with unnecessary stress and time-consuming accounting, when its focus needs to be on earning money, is an excellent way to find yourself with the spiraling money problems. Here, we need to manage company-wide spending in one dashboard and click it to know widely.

Thus, pulling all of your debts into one consolidation loan is an excellent way of managing them. Here, it means turning several repayments (all at different times of the month) into a single payment, making it easy to keep track of the financial situation and set the budget accordingly. You may depend on which consolidation loan you opt for – secured or unsecured– the interest rate may be lower too, however, given the risks involved in taking on a secured loan against assets such as the house, car, etc. Hence, it would be wise to talk to a professional debt consolidation service provider to discuss the options.

It may be easy to let multiple debts (and repayments) get out of control. Consolidating them into a single loan is an excellent way to manage your total debt and allow you to better stick to the budget. It also relates to an important warning: avoid taking on unnecessary loans when the startup is in its fledgling phase if you are not confident you will pay them back in time. Thus, take time to think very carefully about which expenses are vital to your business’s running and which can wait.

Keep Track of all Subscriptions From One Place:

Visibility in SaaS subscription management systems is the key to efficient spending and optimized workflow. Having all of your subscription information in one place helps you:

  • Identify the feature overlap and reduce unnecessary SaaS business spending.
  • Check for dual subscriptions across departments.
  • Reduce subscriptions on (or cancel) SaaS applications that are underutilizing.
  • View pertinent information about your software stack from a central location.

The best tool to manage subscription payments:

Spendesk lets you efficiently manage and pay for all the subscriptions. Here, a teammate may make an online subscription request in Spendesk and fill in the supplier name, and you can ask for a slice of the monthly budget with a simple click.

The unique prepaid virtual card is issued for each subscription, giving you optimal control over your recurring payments. Thus, Spendesk makes it easy to manage all your SaaS subscriptions by giving you more flexibility on the one hand and more control on the other.

Thus, the solutions enable you to:

  • The recurring monitor payments in real-time. Thus, there is no surprise anymore as you are in total control of the spending!
  • Here, the set monthly budget on each prepaid card according to a specific supplier’s spending needs. Here, we can prevent any SaaS from making extra money on the subscription card! You can also easily modify the monthly budget and adapt it accordingly, and it gives you greater flexibility.
  • Now put on hold all or one of your subscriptions directly from your Spendesk interface. You can deactivate or reactivate a card with a single click, very handy to make sure you won’t be charging if you don’t want to.
  • Collaborate smoothly with your colleague. You know the exact who’s in charge of which tool, and you’re able to change a subscription’s owner at your convenience!
  • Make your accountant smile since you won’t have any missing invoices or lost receipts. They’ll also save hours on bookkeeping since we integrate with your favorite accounting software.


With this vital data from your subscription product, you can strip down your software suite to only the most valuable products that fully support your core operations. From there, you can perform cost-benefit analyses of ancillary products to ensure you’re only paying for a SaaS subscription plan that boosts company performance.

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