Cool Things To Consider For Your Wish List This Coming Christmas

Coming Christmas

With Christmas approaching, making a wish list can be challenging as there are a multitude of things you want to add to your list. To make your list building less stressful this year, we have made a list of great things that you can easily enjoy and have a memorable festive season. Here are several items to consider.

 1. Drone Camera

Besides the usual photos and videos that you capture with your digital camera and smartphone, consider getting a drone with camera functions for Christmas. It is one of the coolest things you can add to you wish list. Besides operating a fun device, you can also capture videos and images from a high ground, giving you a totally new perspective. Capture fond memories from above this year. Check out drones that have automatic functions to return if you accidentally fly it beyond its range.

2. Portable Cellphone Sanitizer With Wireless Charging Capability

If you are still stuck with the question of what do I want for Christmas, then consider this:with the onslaught of the coronavirus affecting numerous countries this year, personal hygiene has taken centerstage. More people are aware of the risks microorganisms can cause. Besides regular handwashing, our cellphones are also a breeding ground for such microorganisms as we hold and touch them countless times a day. With a cellphone sanitizer, you can be sure that your cellphone is sanitized thoroughly. It can also disinfect other small accessories like your keys, jewelry and glasses. Look out for those with wireless charging capability so that you can save time as your phone is being charged while sanitized at the same time.

3. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Take your house cleaning to the next level with an advanced robot vacuum cleaner. It can regularly vacuum your floor at preset timings while navigating around obstacles effortlessly. When power is low, it will automatically move back to its charging station and be ready for the next task. A smart vacuum cleaner will be mapped out your entire house to efficiently clean your floor. It can also be connected via your smartphone app so that you can control it easily even when you are not at home. Choose one with an excellent filter to ensure the dust and dirt are properly trapped inside the machine. Let your home be spick and span before every Christmas party that you are holding!

4. ModernRecord Player

Even with digital music becoming the norm for most people to enjoy their music, there are still some people who love to enjoy the classic record player. If you aresomeone who’s vinyl obsessed, then adding a record player to your wish list is a must. Get a cool modern version which has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can still stream music from your smartphone or tablet. You may also want to wish for the classic type of turntable like those from Pioneer and don’t forget spare accessories like the Stanton cartridge.

Final words

These are several things to considerputting into your Christmas wish list this year for an amazing way to celebrate the holidays.

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