Coronavirus Pandemic: How Will It Affect Our Christmas?

Coronavirus Pandemic: How Will It Affect Our Christmas?

The entire world has been in lockdown for months now because of the coronavirus. The pandemic has affected our lives so much that we already consider having face masks, social distancing, working, and studying at home as our way of life in the new normal.

Not only are our daily activities affected by the virus, but also how we celebrate holidays and special occasions throughout the year. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, let’s weigh our options and see how the coronavirus will affect our celebrations and what we can do to keep our traditions alive.

On how we spend time with our family. This might be the first Christmas that we will be forced to spend it away from our family no matter how much we want to be with them. If you happen to be in this situation, you can spend this special day by giving your family a call or have them on a video conference so you could share your moments together despite your distance.

This is also a good opportunity for us to reflect on the things that we need to be grateful for. The coronavirus makes us appreciate even the small things.

On Christmas dinner. Food supply and consumption across the globe have gone through unprecedented circumstances during this pandemic. The food industry has been one of the most affected industries in terms of workforce and supply.

Some are struggling to try to transport their goods interstate, and it gets worse for importation and exportation of food products due to strict regulations and a limited workforce. This makes it hard for everyone to plan out their Christmas dinner. Most families are expected to celebrate Christmas Eve’s dinner modestly because of this.

On shopping for Christmas gifts and decorations. Online shopping is now the most convenient means to purchase anything we want for the Holidays. From gifts to Christmas wall art and other decorations, checking out the items you’ve added to your cart is the best alternative to going to supermarkets and department stores which can expose us to the virus.

On our earnings. A lot of businesses have either downsized or simply closed because of the pandemic. For those who are fortunate enough to survive the financial effects of the coronavirus, they managed to have their employees to work from home. Although it does not provide the optimum solution to their businesses the same was as to how the transactions and work are done face to face, it is still enough to keep their businesses afloat.

Because of this, many families are expected to be modest in how they celebrate Christmas as a whole – buying gifts, preparing foods, arranging their vacations among others.

On taking care of our health. No one knows when the pandemic will be over. Since we do not have the vaccine for the coronavirus yet, we are only left with ways to slow down the spread of the virus. On the brighter side, people are getting more and more conscious of their health.

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