Here are Some Over the Counter Fat Loss Supplements and Herbs

weight loss pills

Obesity is a global issue. The majority of the people suffering from obesity are looking out for solutions. Some of them are ready to do anything for weight loss. Some doctors prescribe weight loss supplements to lose weight after analyzing your physical condition. Supplements are usually effective in addition to a suitable diet and exercise. 

Dietary supplements aim to keep you full longer, thereby curbing your appetite and reducing your food intake. Supplements and pills work in different ways for different people. Your health care provider will diagnose your medical conditions before prescribing you a weight loss supplement. 

Various benefits of weight loss pills are as follows

  • It enhances metabolic rates
  • It curbs appetite
  • Promotes fat burning

Here are a few dietary herbs and supplements to guide you in your weight loss journey:


It is a plant extract that hinders the absorption of fat in your body. When the fat from the consumed food is blocked, weight loss occurs naturally. Glucomannan supplement is available in powder and a pill form. According to various studies, this extract in powders and capsules form is more effective than tablets.

Green tea extract

Another essential supplement that promotes weight loss is green tea.  Green tea is full of antioxidants that are responsible for shrinking fat cells in the body. The caffeine content in green tea boosts energy levels and gives you the strength to workout vigorously.

Green tea also has various compounds that aid in reducing belly fat and lowering blood sugar levels. Muscle preserving fat burner provides the same benefit you may derive from drinking weight loss beverages. However, the effect of any dietary supplement depends on a good diet and workout.

Guar gum

The seed from the guar plant is another substance used as a dietary supplement. Guar gum extract blocks fat from being absorbed in the body. It enhances satiety levels and prevents individuals from snacking often. Guar gum is laxative in nature and prevents constipation.

Bitter orange fruit

Another fruit found in various parts of Asia and Africa and the Mediterranean region of Florida is giving rise to calories burnt per day.

There are multiple health benefits of bitter orange, and offer promising weight loss to its consumers. It suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism.

In addition to weight loss, the bitter orange extract also works for treating chronic ailments such as diabetes, fungal infections, and cancer.

Supplements containing extract of bitter orange are available in many health stores. You can choose from various companies and purchase them online or offline.


Another substance that promotes weight loss is fibrous sugar extracted from marine creatures’ shells, such as crabs and lobsters. Various studies prove that the extract can prevent cholesterol and fat from being assimilated into the body, hence named fat trappers.

The extract promotes healthy weight loss if you accompany it with a balanced diet and regular exercise. It has high fibre content and when mixed with fat, it becomes difficult for the body to digest. Besides obesity, Chitosan also works to treat other medical issues.

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