COVID-19: 8 Mistakes You Make When Leaving Self-Isolation 

COVID-19: 8 Mistakes You Make When Leaving Self-Isolation

A gradual lifting of quarantine restrictions does not mean that COVID-19 has been defeated. The virus continues to be a great threat to human beings’ health, causing thousands of deaths, and the number continues to rise.

In this article, we want to remind you what mistakes you should not make when leaving self-isolation. By avoiding these mistakes, you will stay safe and not harm your health.

Things You Should Not Do After Leaving Self-Isolation

For most people, life will not be the same for a long time. Even when small and medium-sized businesses open, some restrictions (for example, on holding mass events) will continue to apply. Quarantine measures are aimed at preventing a third wave of the spread of coronavirus infection.

In different countries around the world, people are counting the days until the date when they can again cuddle with loved ones, have parties, go to concerts, or climb aboard a plane and travel. But in some states of the USA, the self-isolation regime continues; in others, quarantine measures are weakening. What mistakes do many make when the days off are over?

Mistake # 1: Giving Up Masks

With the opening of catering establishments, small retail space, beauty salons, the circle of casual contacts of each person will expand. In this situation, you should not weaken the measures of individual protection.

On the contrary, they need to be strengthened. Masks should be worn by both buyers and sellers, both customers and manicurists. This will help reduce the risk of the spread of the virus. Use a sanitizer; keep your distance, and follow other precautions recommended in your area.

Mistake # 2: Rushing Back To The Gym

In the next three months, it will be warm in most regions, which means people will want to go outside for a workout. The risk of infection during solo outdoor workouts is much lower than going to a gym. Nevertheless, continue to observe all safety measures. This includes wiping the horizontal bars and other equipment with disinfectant wipes with at least 60% alcohol before and after use.

Also, keep a distance of 1.5-2 meters from other people. Scientists recommend that athletes running one after another need to keep a distance of 10 meters and for cycling – 20 meters. Keep this in mind when training with friends.

Mistake # 3: Throwing Parties

Observance of the distance and self-isolation regime helps prevent the rapid spread of infection. It is difficult to avoid contact in an enclosed space with a large number of guests. Congestion of people is always the risk that someone, without symptoms of the disease and not knowing who the carrier is, will transmit the virus to others.

Take care of yourself and postpone your birthday celebration or move it online. You should avoid calling friends to your home or going to their place during this global pandemic. It will help you maintain good health and save others too from catching the virus.

Mistake # 4: Not Having A Healthy Diet

In any case, do not eat from outside and prefer eating home-cooked meals. Only these foods are safer to eat during the pandemic. Besides, maintain a healthy nutritional level in the body and avoid eating unhealthy foods. This means staying away from fast food, alcohol, processed meat, and other such food items.

Remember, alcohol can develop several other health problems, and you do not want that during this chaotic time. Get rid of this addiction and do not indulge in developing such unhealthy habits during the pandemic.

However, if you have become dependent on alcohol, check your insurance coverage for addiction treatment first. If your plan covers your treatment expenses, get rid of this problem with the help of some specialist.

Mistake # 5: Washing And Disinfecting Your Hands Less Often

The relaxation of quarantine measures does not mean that the spread of the virus has stopped. There are economic reasons for starting businesses and government agencies. Remember that the goal of self-isolation and hygiene measures is to prevent overcrowding in hospitals.

This still remains a priority today. We hope that thorough hand washing becomes a habit for everyone and nobody skips it even after they leave the self-isolation.

Mistake # 5: Visiting Friends And Family

Your desire to socialize with family and friends at the dinner table can still be dangerous for them. People with chronic diseases and the elderly are especially at risk; coronavirus infection is more likely to develop complications for them. Even if you get a vaccine, do not think that you are immune to coronavirus. Still, you should be careful to protect the health of your loved ones.

Mistake # 7: Traveling Abroad

In the summer you want to go on vacation to the sea. But even if the borders of some countries are open, it is difficult to predict the consequences of such a trip.  In the event of a repeated outbreak of the disease in a particular region, the vacation may end in a forced quarantine.

And flying in a mask and checking temperatures at airports will not give you pleasure. For the summer holidays, it is better to choose locations closer to home. But we believe vacations can wait for some time.

Mistake # 8: Losing Your Guard

Scientists are very careful in their predictions, and it is still unknown whether a vaccine is effective or not. Nobody has the answers, whether coronavirus infection will disappear or continue to circulate among the population of different countries of the world. Remain optimistic, but stay alert and follow all necessary preventive measures.

Take Away

Currently, the whole world is facing a serious health challenge, which requires us to follow certain SOPs. If we continue to take this pandemic lightly, its consequences can be severe. Thus, avoid repeating the mistakes mentioned earlier in this article to take care of yourself and your loved ones.


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