Create Pitch-perfect Invitations For Your Graduation Party And Ceremony

Graduation parties and college ceremonies make a crucial, unforgettable part of our lives. To cherish these significant moments and sharing your happiness with your relatives and friends, you can create stunning video invitations with the help of invitation makers available online. 

Since happiness is greater when it is shared, you must always invite the people you hold close to your heart to celebrate your accomplishment with you. Circumvent the traditional email and printed invitations and create extra-ordinary video invitations for your invitees and close friends. 

Whether it is an after-party for your friend circle or the official invite to your graduation ceremony, you can create striking video invitations with the help of world-class templates and an integrated video making toolkit. You need not put in too many efforts since the online application does all the heavy lifting for you fro establishing a well-engineered timeline for your video to crafting the final video with essential elements. In fact, the online slideshow maker purveys a diverse range of video templates that you can use to create one or multiple graduation videos and invitations for all your social circles. Eliminate the time-consuming methods of sending invites through traditional media services and quit the chaos of finding a designer who’ll leave a dent in your pocket. Video invitations are a more personalized form of communication that gives you the opportunity to express your emotions effectively. 

Here are five creatives ideas to make your own personalized video invitations for your graduation ceremony or after-parties!

Save The Date

The “Save the Date” invitation can be created within minutes. All you need to do is install a video making application and then you’ll instantly have access to a wide range of templates that are categorized as per the theme. After you have selected the template that reflects your theme, you can add details of your event into the video timeline. Make sure to limit your word count so that your video is visually appealing. You must then add footage and supporting imageries in your video. The invitation maker purveys an impressive range of images and videos that you can incorporate in your invitation. Make sure to give out all the necessary information your invitees need in order to attend the event or get in touch with you for the same. 

Formal Invitation

When you have to create an official invitation for your graduation ceremony, the framework of your video shall remain strictly formal. Create a professional-looking video invitation for requesting your loved ones to bless your event with their presence. While sending out a formal invite, you must always adhere to some basic etiquettes like sending out the invites at least ten to fifteen days before the event. Ensure to use compelling layouts for your invitation template and designs that do not undermine your text. 

Informal Invitation

Informal templates can be used for your parties and informal social events. Whatever fun theme you have for your party can be portrayed beautifully through your video elements. With the help of an online invitation maker, you can add funky transitions and animations that make your video invitation more intriguing and enjoyable. However, you must always make sure that your video invitation has enough breathing space so that your invitation does not seem over-crowded or congested.

Slideshow video

Don’t we all have memories that we’d want to cherish forever? Why not show them through videos? Video is a time-capsule that doesn’t let your memories catch dust. You can create a wonderful slideshow video with the help of the slideshow maker without putting in too much hard work. It is pivotal that you first collect all the footage and images you wish to use in your video into one single folder. After you’ve installed a slideshow maker, you will then be asked to upload footage and images on the timeline. The timeline is the skeleton of your video that you can customize and alter as per your choice. You can further add transitions in one or multiple frames to increase the impactfulness of your video. You can also apply the same transition on all frames of the video. After your timeline is established, add music to your video by browsing through the song library of the application or uploading your own soundtrack that resonates with the mood of the video. 

Virtual YearBook 

The virtual yearbook is a heart-warming present that you can give to your classmates or even present the whole batch and walk them through all that has happened throughout the year and how you have evolved together. The virtual yearbook shall consist of a compilation of all the images and video clippings you’ve captured throughout the year. Make sure to use high-resolution video footage and images so that your final video is not distorted. 

From graduation ceremonies to your wedding invites, dodge conventional email invitations, and create stunning invitation videos for your friends and family with the invitation maker. 

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