Cut down on your online spending with these 10 free services and apps


With so many apps, online stores and streaming services available on the internet, it can be difficult to keep track of your online spending. However, there are a number of tools on your smartphone to monitor your spending. Here are 10 services and apps to minimise your spending.

1. Turn off push notifications

Push notifications are specifically designed to tempt users with all kinds of discounts and offers. Turn your push notifications off to control the urge to spend money. Alternatively, delete shopping apps from your phone.

2. Download chrome extensions

Avoid making online purchases of full priced items, as it is highly likely that there will be a discount code. There are chrome extensions you can download, like Honey, or Coupert that will track prices and discount codes for a range of brands.You are notified when items from your wishlist go on sale.

3. Track expenses

To understand your finances, track your expenses by using a money tracking app. MoneyBrilliant, Pocketbook or Commbank Spend Tracker are all free apps that will categorise and monitor your spending habits.

4. Get a budgeting app

Once you understand where and how you spend, download a budgeting app to help you prioritise, allocate and cut down your spending. Mint and PocketGuard are some popular options.

5. Use free comparison services

There is a free comparison service for nearly every product and service. Google Shopping is a comparison service that displaysa range of products and their price differences. Electricity Wizard allows you to compare electricity plans in your area to find the most competitive prices.

6. Cooking assistance

If you grow tired of the meals you make at home, and resort to ordering take-away or dining out, download a cooking assistance app. SuperCook is a website that allows you to select the ingredients you have at home and then generates a number of interesting recipes for you to follow.

7. Track your subscriptions

From phone plans to streaming services, it can be difficult to track multiple subscriptions. Use Track My Subs to maintain a log of all your subscriptions. You can set alerts to remind yourself to cancel a subscription.

8. Split expenses

Keep track of split restaurant bills, utilities or rent by using a bill splitting app. SpiltWise allows you to keep track of and effectively split expenses.

9. Manage personal finances

When budgeting, it is important to account for your long-term finances. Wally is an app that allows you to keep all your financial paperwork in one place and set long-term savings goals.

10. Participate in a savings challenge

Try the 52-Weeks Money Challenge app to give you the motivation to start making significant savings. Instead of looking at it as an obligation, this app makes saving fun. It allows you to set and change your savings goal each week.

Developing healthy spending and saving habits will enable you to build a secure financial future. Download some of these helpful apps, and watch your savings account grow.

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