Dark Season 3 : Did the Release Date drop?

Dark Season 3

Dark Season 3 : The first German language series in Netflix came up back during the year 2017. It was then known in the name, “Dark”. It was areally hit in an instant. The show got really popular all across the world and the audiences did love this mix genre very much. This series revolve around an incredible evil time journey that involved the stories of 3 generations. The first abd the second seasons of this series was extremely loved and thus, the expectations from the 3rd season seems to be really high among the fans.

When can we expect to see the Dark Season 3 streaming up?

Just after a few weeks since the 2nd season of this series got its release, Baran bo Odar, the showrunner of this series made a post on his Instagram handle mentioning that the show will be renewed for yet another season. He also said that the upcoming season will probably be the last sequel of this series. This post was made almost 1 year ago and since then, the fans seem to be speculating about the seasion that will probably stream now!

Dark Season 1 originally debuted in December 2017. Post a year and a half, we were blessed with the second season that will stream the month of June 2019. Again, right after 1 year, the 3rd season is expected to be released on June 27, 2020.

An essential fact to be mentioned herein is that a lot of fans abide by this odd theory saying that season 2 was released right on the day when Michael killed himself, that is, on June 21. Consequently, the consideration was made that Netflix would probably release the final episodes on 27th June, 2020. However, we have got no confirmed final date post that!

Dark Season 3 Cast:

We are expecting to see a lot of characters returning to their roles in this season and some more new faces would also be up in this season. They include:

·         Jordis Triebel as Katharina

·         Lisa Vicari as Martha

·         Louis Hofmann as teen Jonas

·         Mark Waschke as Noah

·         Andreas Pietschmann as older Jonas

·         Hans Diehl

·         Jakob Diehl

·         Lea van Acken

·         Sammy Scheuritzel

·         Axel Werner

·         Barbara Nuss

·         Nina Kronjager

The audience has got a really high expectations from this series. Let’s see what else rolls up!


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