How to Delete Amazon Account in Simple Steps

delete Amazon account

Amazon account can be easily deleted by raising your purchase history. If you delete your entire Amazon history you cannot access into websites and your Amazon payments will be shut down and basically you will lose the access into Amazon.

And immediately you will lose the entire gift card coupons and you could not purchase or refund or replace any of your purchased products. Immediately Amazon will delete your customer data details, purchased history, discussion posts, and uploaded website in the Amazon will also be erased.

How do I delete my Amazon 2019 account?

People might have different variety of reasons for raising the account in Amazon sometimes they could not support you in some issues or it may be any controversial discussions so due to all the sensitive issues you would have decided to close or permanently remove the Amazon account from your device.

If you have decided to close your account you could not able to prolong or continue it further. Suppose if you have closed your account and if you find that you have made a mistake you can simply create a new one for your future. And this you can purchase your new products as usual.

Closing your Amazon website accounts permanently can be done with few steps

  • Initially you can cancel all your orders that are opened in the year 2019. Once if you have cancelled you can easily delete the account list by signing into to your Amazon account.
  • You have to be very clear that there are no out standing orders that are available for this current year. If you close all your purchase data that have not been shipped still and you can also cancel all the request orders by using request cancellation.
  • Then you can easily delete your Amazon account by using cancel or deactivation account which will be available in your official Amazon website. This process can easily deactivate or permanently delete your Amazon 2019 account.

How do you cancel your Amazon?

Cancelling orders in website it is done by logging into your account. If you want to delete your account permanently you have to choose the account list and then just select the cursor to completely know the entire detailed information regarding your orders.

  • Once if you have signed in your account you have to check whether there are no out standing orders that are available currently in your Amazon account.
  • And now you can easily cancel all your shipped orders and purchased history in your Amazon personal account information list.
  • Suppose if you find any difficulties in cancelling the order just click the top right of the homepage and if you pull down open order list and in that you can click the request cancellation process for each and every product.
  • Simultaneously you can cancel all your orders that have been placed currently.

How do you delete an online account?

Deleting your account may be of different reasons and let me show you how to delete your Amazon account permanently. When you scroll to the bottom of the Amazon website page you will find the help option in that section you can select and browse.

In which in the bottom left hand column you will find contact us button just click that.

In this on the next page you will find the Amazon chat box and you can discuss your personal details and request in that chat box which means you can cancel it by speaking the chatting to the bot.

In this you can easily close your account by pinning the login options and security.

Once, you who started the conversation with the representatives you can permanently delete your account this will start the process within few minutes. Within 48 hours you can delete your Amazon account permanently.

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