How to Design a T-shirt With Keeping Proportions In Mind

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When running a t-shirt designing company, you will have to keep many things in mind to give your clients the perfect t-shirt designs they are looking forward to. Running a t-shirt designing service is about the colours you use or the fonts and the fabric you will be using to have the attire ready.

You will have to work according to your client’s needs to achieve what your client is exactly looking for. There are various blogs online, which you can take the help of to get the designs ready.

Designhill is one such online resource that you can bring into use. You can use various tools by Designhill, which can help you create a creative design. Also, they have their blog, which releases some of the creative designs, which can inspire your next design.

Here are some tips which you should know when designing a t-shirt:

Have Your Tools Ready

Make sure to have all your tools with you. When designing a t-shirt, you should have all the tools in one place, so you need not search for them. Be it a pen, paper, sketchbooks, fabric, colours, or anything else that is required, be sure to keep it in one place.

Have A Idea To Work On

Get an idea of what the t-shirt designs should look like. It can be based on what your client has instructed. You should try keeping your designs simple, keeping in mind the proportions. Before you work on the design, you should know what colors to work with and what fonts you choose to go for.

Your design should be simple and unique. If your client wants it to be on the funky side, then you can give it that look with your creativity. Before you begin drawing the software design, make sure to have a rough sketch of it on a piece of paper.

Know About Borders

The t-shirt designs are either border or borderless. Design without any borders are much preferred nowadays, and this is what a free-flowing design is. So you need to take care of the borders if you are creating the design with one, as they can hinder the printing process. There can be some invisible borders that can fall into the picture when the printing is done. So make sure that you remove out all the borders if you want your design to look borderless.

Bring Into Consideration The Colour 

Your t-shirt color and the color of your design should match and look appealing. For instance, a black t-shirt with white t-shirt designs looks good, but a black t-shirt with a red design might not be as attractive as the first one. This may be a more difficult job when you are playing with more than one design color. You will then have to make sure that both the colors look great when together and when printed on the t-shirt.

Know What Fabric To Use

A T-shirt is not a one-time investment for anyone. It’s not that one would wear it only once, and then it will be lying somewhere in the wardrobe. Therefore it is essential to carefully decide on the fabric you are going to use to make custom t-shirt designs. The fabric you will be using will also decide the quality of the end product. Know that the greater the product’s quality with an aggressive price range, the more people it will attract.

Think About The Placement Of The Design

The design should be placed accordingly. It should be between the left and right and should be visible to someone watching it. Try to make the design cool, thinking about the personality of people falling under your audience segment. One more thing that matters when going for the correct alignment is the size of the t-shirt. The size of the t-shirt can change the alignment of the log on your t-shirt. So if you have made a design for your t-shirt, you should make sure that it works for all t-shirts of varying sizes.

Know Your Audience

You will have to know the audience you will be focusing on when making a t-shirt. They can be teenagers, adults, girls, or boys, and the t-shirt designs will vary accordingly. When talking about teenage boys, they would like to have a t-shirt with some cool looking design, whereas with girls you will have to make sure you use bright colors. Similarly, adults like to go for minimal design. So when you focus on a different audience, you will have to know what your audience prefers most and what design is most likely to meet their taste.

Get Help From Online Resources

Various online resources can be useful when making t-shirt designs and various other creative artwork. These tools can help you design the perfect art piece. Most of these have a creator side, with which you can see the designs from various artists from all over the world. These can be useful when it comes to inspiration for your next design. Adobe creative magazine, High on design, Site point, and Designhill are some online resources you can prefer using. Adobe creative magazine, High on design, Site point, and Designhill are some online resources you can prefer using.

Focus On Marketing

The next thing you will have to take care of once your design is ready is the marketing of the t-shirt. You will have to take care of how you will reach out to your audience. Social media can be one of the best ways to market your product. You can either prefer going for ads online if you are looking for some way to market your product.


These were some tips you should consider when you are making t-shirt designs with keeping proportions in mind. These tips will help you have the perfect design you are willing to make and have your t-shirt ready. Before you begin, you should know what is trending in the market to get a quick idea about your design.


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