Digital Art Trends

The fourth industrial revolution changes not only business, production, communications, and lifestyle. It alsochanged the idea of ​​beauty. Today digital art is more and more confidently conquering exhibition spaces. It crowds out idols of the recent past and even seemingly eternal classics.

This term refers more to the technical side of the issue than to what exactly Digital Art creates. For this reason the Digital Artworks should be considered not from the point of view of their digital origin. For them is ok the point of view of the artistic problem being solved. Just as we consider a painting painted in oil not from the point of view that it is painted in oil, but from the point of view of how and what is depicted on it. Of course, the technical side is important. It determines the level of possibilities. But the main criterion is precisely the presence of an artistic problem and how it is solved.

Digital painting

The most common genre of digital art is digital painting. With the advent of modern graphic editors, artists have the opportunity to create not only works on paper, but also in electronic form. Digital drawing has become a popular way of creative expression. It has a multitude of illustrators emerging to do both commercial and in-house projects.

Illustrations are widely used in web design. Usually, pictures are drawn by illustrators to order or designers buy them at specialized stocks.

Artists of pc game development company draw illustrations in various styles. It can be both the pictures shown by the example and stylized images in a variety of techniques.

Digital pictures are often used in the design of game art studio Kevuru games, either as a decorative element or as an important element to attract attention. For example, calls to action are highlighted with illustrations (various web forms, blocks for newsletter subscription, etc.). Also, using illustrations, you can create a whole direction. A striking example is a flat design, where illustrations are one of the main components of this direction.

3D modeling

Another type of images that can be classified as Digital art PC game development are images created using 3D technologies. Some programs allow you to create realistic (and not so) images without using a “pencil”. 3D modeling is becoming more and more popular in web design and is used as images for backgrounds, icons, or other decorative elements:

To create 3D images it is not enough to have imagination and drawing skills – 3D programs are quite complex and require certain knowledge. Therefore, 3D artists are, in a sense, also technical specialists.

In addition to 3D illustrations as in the above example, 3D images also include the direction of architectural visualization. It can become a new genre of digital art. One of the well-known companies engaged in architectural visualization is the Norwegian studio MIR. Their work is not only commercial projects, but also real digital art:

Animation and motion design

Another relatively new genre of Digital art is animation and everything related to movement. Movement always catches the eye, so animations and transitions always look impressive to users and viewers.

The animation is used in many different ways in web design. These can be micro-interactions with the user that UX designers value so much – individual interactions with site visitors, for example, clicking a button or highlighting a field in a web form. It can also be large-scale animation transitions on which the site structure is built:

Another major trend in Digital Illustration. Here we are already moving into the sphere where the computer ceases to actively participate in the creation of the image but becomes just a tool with which the artist does the work, so to speak, “by hand.” That is, the illustrator does not go into the technical details of how and with what the possibility of drawing is provided, but simply draws with a stylus on a tablet or screen, as he would draw on a sheet of paper.

Illustration, both traditional and digital from 3d art company, has its laws that dictate the format of the image, and, above all, the compositional solution. The illustration is not as independent as the implementation of the author’s intention of the artist, it is firmly connected with the text or event, but in the end, it also solves the problems dictated by the time. Indeed, by and large, a huge number of masterpieces of the past are nothing more than illustrations.


Modern trends in digital art are not only artistic taste, but also possession of computer technologies, programs, and graphic editors. However, we can see some works of Digital art not only on the Internet but also in museums and private collections. Now artists create entire installations to demonstrate the possibilities of new technologies, which become “museum” masterpieces. As for the games production industry, pc game development cost depends on the quality of work and it’s the difficulty.

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