Digital Marketing Mistakes That Marketers Should Take Care to Avoid to Prevent Their Campaigns Failing 

Given the prevalence of the internet, no business can afford to ignore the need for digital marketing; however, just by investing large amounts of money on digital marketing campaigns, it does not mean there will be good returns. To ensure that you have a lucrative ROI, it is important that not only should your strategies be aligned with the market realities, but also you do not make mistakes that can take the steam out of your campaigns. Some of the most common digital marketing mistakes to be alert for:

Being Product-Centric Instead of Focusing on the Audience

It is very easy for marketers, especially those who are accustomed to conventional marketing that relies on proving the superiority of your products over that of the competition to do the same when engaging in digital marketing. With customers now being far savvier than before, they seek value in the products and services they buy that are useful to them and satisfy their needs and wants. In the context of content that you post on your website, social media platforms, or use in your email campaigns, the focus has to be on creating value to the target audience, not a blitz of information on how great your products are. Marketers need to keep in mind that customers do not buy products for the sake of their features, but only because they can address their problems.

Not Monitoring Audience Metrics

One of the prime reasons why marketers prefer digital modes of communication is that they allow them to monitor the target audience data and make adjustments in close to real-time to improve the impact of their campaigns. The decisions that marketers make are not based on estimates or guesswork but rather on hard data regarding each aspect of the behavior of the traffic to your website, social media, email, etc. Marketers can understand very quickly which of the content they are posting is resonating with the audience, and what is not finding favor. Tracking audience data helps marketers to refine their marketing campaigns, provide more appeal, and reduce the wastage arising from trying to engage the wrong audience, according to a leading digital marketing agency Auckland.

Not Promoting Your Content Adequately 

While it is vital to have great content on your website, social media, and email, your target audience still has to discover it and act on it. The most effective way of promoting your web content is by implementing SEO techniques that can give it better ranks on the search engine results page that attract more clicks by users. While this can be done in many ways, providing value-added and useful content with carefully-researched keywords and key phrases remains the most productive method. Ensuring that the website loads quickly and that it displays properly on mobile phones are other effective methods to achieve better page rankings. According to, optimizing the images on the website can significantly speed up the page loading. Website advertising, social media posts and email can also be used to good effect for driving website traffic.

Relying Solely on Paid Advertisements

There is a common tendency among marketers to think that running a paid advertising campaign on digital media is all that they need to do to drive sales. However, while paid advertising campaigns can enhance the visibility of the brand among the target audience, it is the value-addition that you can deliver with your content that can make all the difference in terms of boosting the level of engagement and brand loyalty. This is the reason why smart marketers allocate their budget to other activities like SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing and do not depend only on paid advertising. Marketers need to appreciate that paid advertising can, at the most, drive traffic to their websites, but to keep them engaged, they need to have very high-quality and relevant content that addresses their needs. The key to making your content productive is to ensure that they are not only customer-centric but also customized to the greatest extent possible. For example, sending an email regarding high-quality bags to an audience that is known to be interested in travel will have a better ROI than sending them to a list of school teachers who may or may not be interested in travel. It is not too difficult to slice your database according to their behavior and/or interests, age, occupation, gender, education, etc. and personalize the content so that they can relate to it better.


Regardless of how effective your digital marketing strategy is, you will be able to get the maximum returns from it by ensuring that you listen carefully to customer feedback. You should also track the analytics to find out and understand their pain points and take care to address them suitably with custom content. Communicating with the audience on a matter of interest to them, especially when they have commented or complained regarding something, can build brand loyalty on an enduring basis.

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