Digital marketing trends for 2022

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1) The arrival of the metaverse

One of the most talked about news in 2021 was the announcement that Facebook’s parent company will be renamed Meta, a reference to the metaverse.

The metaverse is a virtual digital world in which many actions of our daily lives can be carried out through 3D avatars. There are currently many organisations working on this concept, from Facebook itself to the South Korean government. One of the pioneers is Epic Games, which has even organised virtual crowd events within its video game Fortnite.

 2) Human-Centric Marketing

The marketing paradigm is evolving from customer-centric to human-centric. We no longer think of our audience as mere consumers, but as partners in an increasingly personal relationship.

To adopt a human-centric approach in our company, we must start by asking ourselves these questions:

What can the people who are part of the company achieve?

How do our business decisions affect people?

How can we create value for the people who work with us?

3) User privacy as a priority

Privacy has become a major concern for internet users. We want to be connected, but not at any cost.

In response, companies have started to prioritise user privacy when designing their solutions. Both Apple and Google have taken significant steps to restrict cookie tracking, and in the coming years we expect that user data protection will increasingly need to be taken into account.

4) The expansion of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising has become one of the most popular and profitable strategies for brands.

Already in 2018, Amazon entered the programmatic advertising business and became a major player in the online advertising sector, alongside Google and Facebook.

But the big news in recent years is that we have seen large US companies, such as Walmart supermarkets or the CVS pharmacy chain, jumping into this market to offer their own programmatic solutions. This is undoubtedly one of the most promising digital marketing trends for the coming years.

5) Account based marketing: content segmented and delivered via IP

If you work in B2B marketing, you have probably heard of this marketing trend.

Account based marketing involves using real-time ad buying and IP-based targeting to create a highly accurate, real-time marketing technique. The resulting campaigns are low-budget, as they have a very small reach, but they reach exactly the users we need. The content reaches only the professionals of the companies we are interested in, segmented through their IPs.

These are three of its main uses:

Acquisition: ABM has great potential for acquiring new clients. You only have to create a list of the companies you want to reach and create specific content for each of them.

Nurturing: if you need to nurture your existing customers, you can use ABM to display nurturing content on your website, instead of relying only on email campaigns.

Expansion: once you have contacts in a company, ABM can be a great tool to expand your business to different departments and divisions.

6) Inbound marketing is as alive as ever

According to Hubspot’s Not Another State of Marketing Report 2021, inbound marketing is one of the top marketing trends marketers will be investing in by 2022, second only to short-form video. In fact, more than 80% of marketers plan to maintain or increase their investment in this technology.

It is also worth mentioning the conceptual evolution of inbound marketing in recent years. Its basic premise (engaging users rather than targeting them directly) remains the same, but we are moving from conceiving of the customer journey as a conversion funnel to adopting the flywheel methodology, in which the different phases feed back into each other.

7) Event-centric workflows

Traditionally, email marketing workflows were a series of emails that started when the user met a series of requirements and sent periodic communications from time to time, as say the agencia marketing digital mexico

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