Diksha App – National Teachers Platform for India

Government of India specifically design unique and digital infrastructure in order to enhance teaching method in our country by launching Diksha app. This mobile application is specially designed to put the teachers at the forefront. So that they can provide new technology based solution to their student innovatively. DIKSHA is the modern way to provide students flexible and scalable digital study materials two students of of all education boards. The app has been implemented by different State Government of India so that the teachers can promote study to the student in digital manner in this pandemic era.

Why DIKSHA is the modern way of teaching 

The Government of our country has decided that the study of student should not suffer due to coronavirus. So online studies have been promoted in all the Educational Institutes. Both teachers and students can unveil this whole new experience of online studies by doing the Diksha app download on the Android smartphones. As we know the teachers were never trained to teach in this way but this is the need of hour let’s know more about the app and how it can help teachers.

Importance of DIKSHA app for Teachers

Diksha app is not just a medium to provide study materials to the students by teachers it is much more than that. The application works on the the basic core of teaching in our country.It is designed by various intelligent minds of our country who are providing there support for the enhancement of education in our country. Many parents were not happy with the way online studies were going but government of our country worked on this and they started to provide online training to the teachers via initiation of the application.

  1. Teachers were trained about the working of this application and how students can get proper information and study material from this application.
  2. The basic education department has started registering for training on initiation for the Teachers in Bareilly.
  3. As of now the application has been kept as voluntary but a plan to make it mandatory in future has also been considered by the Education Department of India.
  4. The BEO has said that teachers in Bareilly have in taking training online for this application this training will be provided throughout the country to all the teachers.

The application provides guidelines and the proper way of providing assitance to the teachers. This will also ease the work for teachers of all schools and educational institutes.  In lock-down everything has become work from home for that students as well as tecaheres are using broadband services. Well thanks to Jio Fiber, affordable internet plans with ultra high speed is not a thing that we need to worry about. Let’s hope the application promotes online teaching in our country.  

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